Best Way To Fix Quickbooks License Error – [ Easy Steps]

In order to install QuickBooks on any system, you first need to fill out the product code and license number that you must be aware of. The information is always encrypted and highly secured in the secret code that contains it. When you add the QuickBooks license to activate your program, you will encounter certain QuickBooks errors. When the encrypted files are either destroyed or lost, a common license error in QuickBooks has the chance to occur. This is a typical problem that can be resolved by following a few steps that will be explained in this given article.  

In this particular blog, we are going to discuss the QuickBooks license errors that pop up after cloning. This is a common error and can easily be fixed with the help of a few troubleshooting steps.

Features of QuickBooks Desktop

A few features of QB are mentioned below.

  • Tax filing.
  • Online payments
  • Accounting 
  • Generate invoices.
  • Generate Employee payroll
  • Create expense, income, and purchase the report.

What is QuickBooks License Error after Clone?  

Let’s have a look at the meaning first, of what is  QuickBooks license error after clone.

This software installation process requires a license number and product code for the computer validation process. The QB file that has information is always encrypted and when this encrypted file gets damaged or missing, the QuickBooks license error occurs.

Errors that occur in QB license are


“ The Validation Code is Incorrect or either the server is temporarily unavailable while activating the QB.


“ You can not use Online Banking because QB is not registered.”


You need to subscribe to the accountant’s copy file transfer service.


“ The sync license data online option is grayed out.”

In addition, the QB license error shows when you have crossed the maximum number of users who can access the company at one time.

Symptoms of QuickBooks License Error After Clone

There are several ways through which you can detect the issue. So, for finding the error let’s have a look at the pointers below to know the various symptoms of errors. 

  • Any of the above errors would appear on the screen.
  • When the syncing of the license properties fails.
  • The running window suddenly crashed.
  • Your computer is not functioning properly. . 

 For Solving the Problem, Here are a few Tips and Tricks  

This error can be solved by removing the file, which it might be damaged. For helping you out, we have mentioned some points, that can solve this error.

  • Reconfiguration of error through QB desktop
  • Disabled online sync licensed data.
  • You must subscribe to the accountant’s copy file transfer service- mentioned as QuickBooks Error. 
  • QuickBooks Error Code 3371: This could initialize license properties. 
  • QB is not registered; this will appear on your screen when you detect the error. This kind of error makes the user to unable to use online banking. 

Causes of License Error During the QuickBooks Activation  

List of possible reasons which may cause the QB license error after the clone appears.

  • When an important feature is damaged such as an MSXML component and dat.
  • Dat, this is a file that mainly contains license information. Before the QB starts, the license information contained in this file is validated. The QB won’t be open if the QBregistration.dat file is either damaged or corrupted.
  • MSXML Component, this component is a Microsoft feature that helps the QB recover or retrieve the details or information in the dat and will allow the QB to start. 
  • Your computer operating system is outdated.
  • Before importing the.QB file, make sure it is saved.

Points to be Considered Before Resolving the Error

Read the instructions very carefully before you start the process of Resolving the Error.

  • For verifying the support, make sure you have the product registration key.
  • Must create a backup file, before you transfer the QB software to another computer.
  • After you are done with cloning, try to run with QB file doctor.
  • Use the latest version of QB on both devices. 

Easy steps to solve QuickBooks License Error After Cloning. 

Check out the easy steps to fix the error after cloning. 

  • First, close the QB desktop application.
  • Now make sure that the entire software is stopped.
  • Now click on the ‘ctrl+shift+Esc’ on your keyboard.
  • Search for Task Manager.
  • From the list of processes search for the instances of ‘EXE’.
  • Select the instance and hit on the End task option. 
  • Now move to the entitlement data folder.
  • Navigate to run
  • Move to the C:/ProgramData/ Entitlement Client/ v8 (or v6) and click to Enter.
  • Now hit on the ECML file and select the Delete button.
  • Once this process is completed, open the company file and register the application. 

Other Methods 

First thing you need to make sure that QB installation isn’t damaged by updating the Windows Operating System. For that, follow below the given steps.

  • Select the Windows All Programs and Windows Update.
  • After this hit on “Install QuickBooks”, when all the updates are installed.
  • In case if nothing works then you need to reinstall QB by using the clean install Tool.

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Wrapping Up! 

We hope that we have cleared all your doubts regarding this QuickBooks license error. Make sure you apply all the steps mentioned above in a sequential manner to get easily resolve the QuickBooks license error after cloning without any trouble. Read the whole blog carefully to fix the error within no time. 


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