Putin-Zelensky direct talks could end war

Putin-Zelensky direct talks

A top Ukrainian official says the Ukraine war could end with direct talks between President Vladimir Zelensky and Vladimir Putin.

Mikhail Padoliak, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, said talks between the two presidents were possible. But they (Ukraine) are now waiting to see how far Russia’s offensive in the east of the country will go in the coming days.

Noting that Ukrainian lawyers, consultants and negotiating groups are working on it, he said that Zelensky’s position would be much stronger if the Ukrainian president held talks with President Putin.

Russia announced the withdrawal of troops from Kiev and the Kharkiv region on March 29 after Russian and Ukrainian negotiators met in Istanbul, Turkey. But Russia is now focusing on eastern Ukraine. Both Russia and Ukraine have described the attack as a “major war.”

Ukraine expects the situation to become clearer next week.

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