Putin is preparing for a long war, claims US intelligence

US intelligence has warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing for a protracted war in Ukraine. Even if he wins in eastern Ukraine, he will not stop the aggression.

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The warning came as fierce fighting continued in eastern Ukraine. There, Russian forces are trying to occupy Ukrainian territory.

Earlier, Russian forces tried to seize the capital Kyiv. However, after the Ukrainian forces strongly resisted the Russian forces, Moscow directed its troops to occupy the occupied territories.

U.S. intelligence says Russian forces are not succeeding there either. U.S. National Intelligence Chief Avril Haynes told a U.S. Senate committee on Tuesday local time that Putin was still pursuing goals outside of Danbass. But he has faced discrepancies between his ambitions and Russia’s current military capabilities.

In recent fighting, Ukraine has claimed control of four locations in the northeastern Kharkiv region.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says Ukraine’s success is gradually driving Russian forces out of Kharkiv; Occupiers have been bombing since the beginning of the war.

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