Putin has vowed to continue attacking until the target is met

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to continue his campaign in Ukraine until Russia's goals are met.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to continue his campaign in Ukraine until Russia’s goals are met. On Tuesday (April 12th), he said that despite opposition from Ukraine and a significant number of sanctions, their campaign was still going according to plan.

On the same day, Putin said that the Russian army had captured the capital of Ukraine very well. Now they will focus on the Donbass area. Ukraine said on Tuesday that poison had been thrown at troops (Ukrainians). They are not clear what the substance may be.

But Western officials have warned that Russia’s use of chemical weapons could exacerbate the destructive war. Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 with the aim of capturing the capital Kyiv, overthrowing the government and establishing a Moscow-friendly regime, according to Western officials.

Six weeks later, Putin insisted on Tuesday that his attack was aimed at protecting the people of parts of eastern Ukraine controlled by pro-Moscow forces and “ensuring Russia’s own security.”

“Russia has no choice but to launch a special military operation,” he said, promising that “this will continue until it is fully completed and the scheduled tasks are completed.”

Putin’s forces are currently preparing for a major offensive in Donbass. Fighting has been raging between Russian-allied separatists and Ukrainian forces since 2014, and Russia has recognized the region’s claim to independence.

Mariupol is a strategic port city of Donbass. A Ukrainian regiment has claimed that a drone had sprayed poison on the city. However, this information could not be independently verified.

“Experts are trying to figure out what this particular substance could be,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “The world should respond now,” he said.

“There is evidence of ‘rape’ and other ‘inhumane cruelty’ against women and children in other suburbs of Kiev,” he said. Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malir said: “Officials believe that Russia may have used phosphorus weapons in Mariupol. It burns terribly, but it is not classified as a chemical weapon. “

The mayor of Mariupol, Vadim Boychenko, said on Monday that more than 10,000 civilians had been killed in the siege. The death toll in Mariupol alone could exceed 20,000. “

Mikhailo Podoliak, Zelensky’s adviser, acknowledged the challenges facing Ukrainian troops in Mariupol. “They (the troops) are blocked, and there are problems with supplies,” he tweeted.

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“For more than a month and a half, our guards have been defending the city from Russian troops,” Podoliak tweeted. For the first time, US President Joe Biden has called Russia’s invasion a “genocide.”

A senior U.S. defense official says the Biden administration is preparing another তার 650 million military aid package for Ukraine, which will be announced soon.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Tuesday it had used air- and sea-launched missiles to destroy an ammunition depot and aircraft hangar near Starokostyantiniv and Kiev in the western Khmelnitsky region.

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