Psychologist gives 5 reasons why getting bored can be good for your health

We all take out time to relax from our hectic routines to disconnect, rejuvenate and reset our brains. Watching movies, reading books, cooking, catching up with friends are some of the things people do to de-stress. There would be hardly any person who consciously takes out time to ‘do nothing’ or get bored. Thanks to our modern lifestyle, our brain is most of the times overstimulated with too many distractions and social media is one of them. There is little free time with most of us these days as it’s invariably spent on scrolling through the never-ending social media feeds or binge-watching our favourite series.

15minutes4me offers an outstanding opportunity for those who are depressed and have a mental illness. A decent way to spend a life is to stay mentally strong and healthy but it is the game of nature that a person takes the tension and becomes upset causing a lot of anxiety, upset, and nervousness.

However, if experts are to be believed, taking out time to get bored can be one of the best things that you can do for your health. Want to know how? In a conversation with HT Digital, Dr Pallavi Joshi, Consultant Psychologist at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, New Delhi, explains all the reasons why we should embrace boredom from time and time and how it can be really good for our brain and well-being.

Dr Joshi says smartphones is one of the reasons our mental health might be suffering and the habit of sitting and scrolling social media could lead to high stress levels, lack of concentration and creativity and social media addiction.

The psychologist suggests giving time to self by taking pause from friends, responsibilities, and social media to be in a better state of mind. “This can actually make you more productive in many ways – you can be more creative, happier and less stressed,” she says.

Here are all the benefits of getting bored according to Dr Pallavi Joshi.

1. It helps to get rid of tech addiction

Smartphones and technology addiction can cause you to feel upset when you can’t check your phone, it can also make you to experience imaginary cell phone ringtones and vibrations and disconnect you from the beautiful things and real people that exist around you. “Spending a lot of time on technology and social media can be the reason for depression and anxiety, poor academic performance, and bad sleep.

Getting bored helps with maintaining and creating new Neuroplasticity in your system which is a necessary anti-addiction activity specially for young children and adolescents. So, from the next time if you have five minutes or a full hour to spend, just keep your phone aside and spend it in old-fashioned way: By painting, writing, daydreaming, or just sitting around with music and coffee,” says Dr Joshi.

2. It helps to boost creativity

Rather than thinking of boredom as a waste of time, try to look at it as a requirement for your brain that can refresh and re-energize your mind. “Giving your mind a break from the burden, tension and constant use of technology allows it to take interest in new things and generate new thoughts, which can boost your level of creativity,” says the expert.

3. It helps you to discover new hobbies and interests

Boredom always provides you an opportunity to explore your brain-space and develop new hobbies and interests. If you want to learn something new and interesting, let yourself get bored and indulge in some ‘me time’ doing nothing.

4. It helps you to create be peaceful and mindful

Doing nothing is the essence of peacefulness and mindfulness, the practice of focusing on yourself in the present moment is best for you and your health. Health benefits of mindfulness and peacefulness include improved sleep, emotional stability, positive thoughts and more success with weight-loss efforts.

5. It helps in reducing stress and bringing positivity

Getting bored also gives your mind an opportunity to unplug from the stress and make a fresh start. It also recharges the mind and brings positivity in thoughts which could lead to success and happiness in future.

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