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Pros and Cons of “Nesting”

Pros and Cons of “Nesting”

Many people tend to divorce in a rush without worrying about the consequential damage faced by their children. The divorce process has a significant influence on the emotional as well as mental aspects of the spouses as well as the children. The children experience it more deeply due to their strained relationship with both parents. When the family house is sold off, they are forced to choose between the parents for spending time. The back-and-forth movement between their parent’s houses causes a significant level of distress among children. To curb this problem, it is suggested to use the nesting method.

Nesting or bird nesting refers to an arrangement where the child remains in the marital or family house, and the parents have their custody time. The gist is that this approach reverses the situation, and the parent changes their living habits to adjust parenting time with their child. The child has a stable house where they spend time with both of their parents whenever it is scheduled with the help of divorce lawyers Kenosha

Pros of Nesting 

Nesting is highly beneficial for the child. It is effective in the initial days of divorce as the children require extra support to deal with the changes. There are already many modifications that arise from a divorce. Having a permanent living space gives a sense of Stability among children. This also helps in dealing with the emotional impact of the divorce effectively. The social and extracurricular habits of the child can be coordinated with the other parent accordingly. This Arrangement shows the children that their life is not drastically changed after the divorce. 

The lifestyle is not entirely disrupted regardless of the end of a marriage. Many children experience stress about their lifestyle and house after the divorce. A bird nesting arrangement helps in easing situations. If you are considering two views of a nesting arrangement for your case, consult with a divorce lawyer. They help provide personalized guidance so that you can be aware if this method will be good for your family. 


Cons of Nesting 

Regardless of the benefits of nesting, it has its fair share of cons. Living in a nesting arrangement requires a certain level of communication and understanding between the divorced spouses. This is almost impossible in cases where the divorce ended on better terms. Spouses with narcissistic exes cannot use this method as it will further delay the end of the relationship and force them to interact with their divorced spouse. It also causes challenges in calculating child support amounts as both spouses share the living space.

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