Pros and Cons of Fruit Picking

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When paying a visit to Australia, many people look for fruit picking jobs. Most travellers search for harvest jobs Victoria-wide. You might be wondering why people go after fruit picking jobs when there are hundreds of other jobs available? First of all, appointments are not available at all times. Fruit picking is a seasonal job. It might be hectic, but it is full of fun. People can pick fruits, enjoy the sunshine, make friends, and get close to nature. And what is wrong with getting some extra cash while you travel around and have some fun experiences?

However, here is something that you need to know before jumping to get a fruit picking job. There are multiple pros and cons, and this job is not for everyone. You might not have the temperament to meet the needs of this job. It is essential to know what you are getting into before choosing this job for yourself.

Here are some of the pros of fruit picking jobs that may help you understand why you should definitely go for it.

They are never not needed.

It is one of the most significant advantages of fruit picking jobs in Australia. Because we never run out of fruits, do we? Fruits are seasonal. You might be picking different fruits every season, but it is not possible that you would not be picking fruits at all.

It builds your experience.

Fruit picking jobs enhance your exposure to different atmospheres. It makes you rough and challenging and builds your experience. You get to travel to other areas to pick fruits, meet new people, and learn new skills.

It is remote and flexible.

This is the best part of fruit picking jobs. You do not have to sacrifice your family time. You can work certain hours and get paid for that. You can choose to work hourly, weekly, monthly, or annually. It is all up to you.

You do not need a degree.

You can opt for this job without having a proper professional degree. All you need is some basic training and no qualification, and you are good to go.

Have you read till now? Are you looking forward to getting a fruit picking job? Wait. We will share some cons of this job that you should never overlook. It is vital to know what awaits you when taking up this job.

Long working hours.

It might be really exhausting for the faint-hearted ones as it requires a lot of hard work. The day of a fruit picker begins early, which does not necessarily mean it will end early. To protect the fruits from damage, you need to pick the fruits early in the morning before the summer heat kicks in.

Pay is not much.

Yes, you read that right. Most jobs only pay minimum wage. Sometimes you are paid for the number of fruits you pick. It will not make sense to you if you come from a well-off background.

Long travel routes.

Farms are mainly located out of the city, and you will have to travel long distances. That is a lot of time and money

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