Proposal to name Padma bridge after Sheikh Hasina: Bridges Minister

If the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gives time, the Padma Bridge will be inaugurated by the end of June, said Obaidul Quader, Minister for Road Transport and Bridges and General Secretary of Awami League. He said, ‘There is no reason to be confused about the inauguration of the Padma Bridge. As a minister, I know that the bridge will be inaugurated in June. ‘

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He told reporters after the board meeting of Bangladesh Bridge Authority at Setu Bhaban in Banani on Wednesday.Obaidul Quader said, “We are preparing to inaugurate the Padma Bridge by the end of next month. We are sending a summary in this regard to the Prime Minister. We’re at the end, there’s a little work left. It will end in May. If Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gives time, the Padma Bridge will be inaugurated at the end of June. ‘

“We have decided on some issues in today’s board meeting,” he said. Several important projects are being implemented under the bridge department. The Prime Minister’s highest priority project is the Padma Multipurpose Bridge. ‘

Regarding the progress of the bridge work, Obaidul Quader said that the progress of the main bridge implementation work is 97 percent, river governance is 92 percent, carpeting of the main bridge is 91 percent and overall bridge project implementation work is 93.50 percent.

Replying to a question on naming the bridge, the Road Transport and Bridges Minister said, “We have repeatedly tried to tell the Prime Minister that there is a strong demand for naming the bridge as Sheikh Hasina Padma Bridge. But the Prime Minister is not agreeing. In the summary of the inauguration that we will send to the Prime Minister, the name ‘Sheikh Hasina Padma Bridge’ will be proposed again. He will decide the name, that is his jurisdiction. ”

Replying to a question on the toll rate of Padma Bridge, Obaidul said, “We have sent a summary of the toll to the Prime Minister. That will be what he approves. Asked about the rail link to the Padma Bridge, he said the work on the rail link would start from July.

The bridge minister said, ‘Another important project is the construction of a tunnel under Karnafuli. The overall progress of the tunnel project is 75 percent. Hopefully this year the tunnel will see the light of day. ‘

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