Professor from Ukraine is teaching from the battlefield

A picture of Professor Fedir Shandor of Ukraine went viral last week. It shows him teaching his students online after a battlefield with a rifle slung over his shoulder.

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“We are fighting for an educated nation,” said Professor Shandor. If I don’t teach, it will be a sin. ‘ At Uzhhorod National University he took classes on tourism and hospitality. This photo was taken by his comrade Victor Schaeddy. It shows the professor instructing the students through video chat from inside a ditch protected by a sand bag.

As seen in the picture, he has a helmet on his head and an AK-103 rifle next to him. He is holding his smartphone in his bandaged hand. A notebook is also open in front of him. “I’ve been in the army for 60 days,” said Professor Shandor. He enlisted in the army shortly after the Russian invasion began in February. He conducts classes every Monday and Tuesday at 8 am. Although on the battlefield, he did not miss a single class. He said, ‘I always like morning classes. Because I get up in the morning to read and then find time for other work. ‘ University authorities have not confirmed exactly where he is fighting. He says Shandor is fighting in eastern Ukraine. Source: New York Post.

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