Preschool Opening Under A Franchise: A Brief Overview

Play School Opening

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The playschool business has become hugely popular in recent times, considering its rewarding scopes and prospects. Furthermore, it is immensely gratifying to know that you will play an instrumental part in shaping the lives of little ones – the future of our country. Let us know more about playschool franchises in general and then understand how to open a preschool.

Understanding Play School Franchises

A school franchise refers to an educational arrangement that allows an established school to use its brand name to open multiple branches in various locations. Here, the franchisor grants the franchisee the right to use its brand name to set up a school at a specific location as per the franchisor’s guidelines.

Play School Opening: The Various Requirements

The perquisites for play school opening differ from institution to institution. However, some of the basic play school opening requirements include:

  • Appropriate Location: Land is one of the most important requirements for preschool opening. On average, you would require a minimum land area of 200 square feet. You must try to find an appropriate location close to a residential area. It will help your business grow as you would enjoy greater demand.
  • Capital Requirement: The investment required for opening a play school franchise is considerably less than opening a brand new school from scratch. On average, you need to invest 12 lakh rupees and above (with a separate brand fee of 2.5 lakhs + GST). The term of the franchisee is usually seven years. You can easily arrange the investment sum from the numerous financing options available in the market.
  • Recruitment: Teaching staff forms the backbone of all educational institutions. Well-qualified, experienced, and caring teachers are indispensable parts of a good playschool. The teachers should be sensible and know how to interact with children effectively. It is imperative to consider these characteristic traits while hiring your teaching staff.
  • Infrastructure & Equipment: Infrastructure facilities make the foremost elements that attract both parents and kids. A bright, vibrant, and colorful layout never fails to impress the children, keeping them engaged at all times. You will receive a great deal of help from your franchisor in this regard. The furniture and equipment must be age-appropriate and safe for toddlers.
  • Other Requirements: The various other play school opening requirements must also be considered. There must be one center head for your school, alongside a minimum of one main teacher per class with two float teachers. Furthermore, there must be one maid per 20 children to adhere to their needs. Batch timings would include at least 2 hours for playschool and nursery students. For junior and senior KG students, the timings would be a minimum of 3 hours.
  • Franchisor’s Guidance: You are entitled to receive extensive guidance and mentoring from your franchisor at all times. You would receive assistance in the areas of infrastructure designing, recruitment, curriculum development, marketing, etc.

The Bottom Line

Hence, although the initial investment might seem hefty at first glance, the returns are hugely rewarding. Invest in a playschool franchise and you will not be disappointed. You will get further details on how to open a preschool online.

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