Pour from bottle to drum and sell at higher prices as open oil

Pour from bottle to drum and sell at higher prices as open oil

Even five days ago, the price of open soybean oil was Rs 136 per liter. After a meeting with the commerce minister, the price of the oil was increased from Tk 44 to Tk 160 from last Saturday. Till Friday, the price of bottled soybean oil in the market was 160 rupees per liter. Now it is 196 rupees. The Department of Consumer Protection and the mobile court have imposed fines for charging more than the price of a bottle of oil. For that, a businessman from Rajshahi has chosen a fancy method of cheating. He is selling bottled oil at Rs 185 per liter as bottled oil at Rs 185 per liter.

In this incident, the shop owner Md. Nurunnabi Traders raided the Behrampur area of ​​Rajshahi city. Nurunnabi has been fined Tk 50,000 by the Assistant Director of the Rajshahi Divisional Office of the National Consumer Rights Protection. Hasan-al-Maruf. He launched the operation on Tuesday afternoon.

Pour from bottle to drum and sell at higher prices as open oil

Hasan-al-Maruf told Prothom Alo that at noon they went to Messrs. Nurunnabi Traders in Bahrampur area of ​​the city. Earlier, he was warned to sell soybean oil at a higher price. This time the consumer bought a liter of open soybean oil from there with the driver of the car. The shop owner said. Nurunnabi kept the price at 185 rupees. Although the open oil in the market is to be sold at 180 rupees. After searching, he found that the businessman Nurunnabi was selling the oil as an open oil at Rs

Hasan-al-Maruf, a consumer rights official, also fined a shopkeeper Tk 20,000 for creating an artificial crisis by storing 132 liters of soybean oil in the store’s warehouse. He said they had secret information that Messrs. Humayun’s store in Sahebbazar area of ​​the city had huge stock of soybean oil. Later at 11 o’clock they went there and carried out the operation. 132 liters of soybean oil, priced at Tk 180 per bottle, was found in the warehouse of the shop. Later, shop owner Humayun Kabir was fined Tk 20,000 under Section 45 of the Consumer Rights Protection Act, 2009. Most of the seized oil bottles are sold to the public there.

After the raid, Hassan-al-Maruf, an official with the Consumer Protection Department, saw a man named Shovan Das walking home with a five-liter bottle of soybean oil. Out of curiosity he wants to know the price. Shovon Das said he bought the five-liter bottle for Tk 975. However, the old price of 60 rupees was written on the bottle. Later he went to the shop of Messrs. Pappu and Brothers and found the truth. For this, the shop owner Nazrul Islam was fined Tk 5,000 under Section 40 of the Consumer Rights Act.

Hassan-al-Maruf said they were also warning consumers during the campaign. So that they do not buy products above the market price and insist that they be informed. He said such operations would continue.

Earlier, a total of 26,624 liters of edible oil was seized from two oil depots at Taherpur in Bagmara upazila of Rajshahi in a raid by the district police on Monday night. Of this, open soybean was 19,224 liters, and mustard oil was 6,500 liters. Police have arrested one person in the incident.

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