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Look no further if you’re looking for the best portable dry herb vaporizer on the market. In the end, we narrowed down the top ten best portable vaporizer Australia after evaluating hundreds of various models and configurations.

Best Dry Herb Portable Vaporizers

  • Mighty+
  • Arizer Solo 2
  • Pax
  • VapCap M + Induction Heater
  • Healthy Rips Rogue
  • Firefly 2+
  • Crafty+
  • Davinci IQC

We’ll cover a few portable vaporizers for dry herbs in this section.


This year, Storz & Bickel has regained the top place on our list with one of their highly anticipated releases for 2021. When compared to its predecessor, which was on the market for about four years at the time, the revised Mighty+ now offers additional capabilities that are truly amazing.

The Mighty+ is back with the same outstanding quality taste and now reaches temperature in under 60 seconds for a quick vaping experience without sacrificing size or style. It also features a temperature boost mode that raises the temperature by 16 degrees, which is great for the end of a workout session..”

When it comes to cooling the vapor, the same patented technology that has shown itself successful is used in this revised device.

The Mighty+ now takes only 40 minutes to achieve 80 percent capacity thanks to its new USB-C charging connector. Instead of the usual a/c power adapter, users simply need to carry a USB-C cable to have access to lightning-fast charging on the road. Battery life is one of the greatest on the market, and charging time is one of the fastest.

This product is well-known for its ease of use and versatility, which makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. In spite of its greater price, the Mighty+ remains to be a worthwhile purchase. Storz & Bickel products, on the other hand, are known for their high quality.

Pax3 E-Cigarette

The Pax 3’s size is arguably its greatest asset. It’s possible to get more compact vaporizers; nonetheless, Pax has nailed it with the ideal size for outdoor pursuits. It’s perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, skating, and snowboarding. It’s quite light for the amount of technology it contains, weighing only 3.28 ounces.

Heats up in about 15 to 20 seconds on the Pax 3. As a result of lip-sensing technology, the chamber may be heated when you’re using it, which is awesome. The vapor produced by the device is also rather excellent! For the vast majority of consumers, conduction vaporizers aren’t going to offer the nuanced flavors that convection vaporizers can.

The battery life of the Pax 3 has also been increased. You’ll need to recharge it after around an hour and a half of use. The clever charging port on the Pax 3 makes charging even more fun. A lot of hard work went into it, and it shows.

DynaVap VapCap M

Using an induction heater and the DynaVap VapCap M, we believe we’ve created the greatest vaporising experience on the market today. Induction heaters with built-in batteries like DynaVap Australia are revolutionizing the industry. We think they’re worth the extra money, even if they’re more expensive than the VapCap M itself.

DynaVap VapCap M with Apollo 2

Consistency is a major factor in our preference for the induction warmer over the jet fighter. To vape your dry herb, all you have to do is place your VapCap into the heater and wait for the click of the VapCap. Do you want to try it again? Re-pressing the VapCap does the trick.

The combination of the VapCap M with an induction warmer is also excellent at delivering a great taste. Inhaling from the vaporizer is a treat that arrives in two distinct waves of flavor. After a few sips, you may detect the herb’s distinct flavor. Toasty and nutty are the flavors of the following wave. It’s always full of flavor and unique in a positive manner.


A lot of people were amazed when Firefly first came out. Convection herb vaporizer with thick, chilly vapor, which warms up in a matter of seconds. Although there were some issues about its size, lack of temperature control, and battery life.

That was addressed in the subsequent revision. More than 30% smaller and 50% lighter than the original, the Firefly 2+ also has more precise temperature settings and longer battery life. Six temperature options, ranging from 338 to 437 degrees Fahrenheit, are now available, allowing you to get the ideal vapor density. If you have an Android phone, the Firefly app will handle everything! Vaping apps have been prohibited by Apple in the latest round of software updates.

After that, they released the Firefly 2+, which was even better than the original (Plus). Most noticeable is the charging and battery life boost. You can now charge to 80 percent in only 20 minutes, making it easier to get up and running. In addition, the dock makes it easy to remember to leave the device to charge. Even though the battery is tiny, technological advances have increased its lifespan, and it can now be replaced while you’re on the road.


Also included in this fall’s announcements from Storz & Bickel are changes to the Crafty+ that are guaranteed to impress customers. The Mighty+’s sister, the Mighty, is the greatest portable vaporizer on the market, and this improvement will reignite the argument.

Compared to the Mighty, it’s cheaper and smaller, however, there are certain drawbacks. Because it lacks a built-in display, you must use an app on your smartphone to adjust the temperature (which may not be possible since Apple banned vape apps). In addition, the vapor it generates isn’t quite as cool as the Mighty.

The Crafty Plus includes a “Superbooster” feature that improves heat up time by 30 percent. This is a temperature preset that offers you an extra surge of power so you can finish your vaping session effectively.

By improving this unit with USB-C fast-charging capabilities by 25%, Storz & Bickel have been able to extend this device’s battery life to 90 minutes of continuous operation. Involving people again in the process of use!

However, if you’re searching for a really portable device, the Crafty+ over the Mighty is the better option. Powered by the same hybrid proprietary convection technology, this redesigned machine is sure to please both current and new customers!

Davinci IQC

Davinci Tech has been in the vape business for over a decade, and its portable conduction-type vaporizers like the MIQRO and the IQ2 have gained a cult following.

The new Davinci IQC vape stands in the midst of both the Davinci IQ2 and the MIQRO vaporizers in terms of size, but everything else has been improved.

Airtight and coated with a layer of glass, the Zirconia chamber replaces the old ceramic filling chamber design. A combination of Smart Paths and fine-tuned temperature management is now available in this model, allowing you to get optimal results in each session. A boost mode on the IQC raises the temperature to its maximum, which is ideal at the conclusion of a session when you want the greatest flavor and potency from your herb.

A zirconia pearl on the inner lid of the filling chamber has replaced the airflow dial, which was formerly positioned on the bottom of the device. This pearl may be adjusted to tighten the chamber’s packing.

If past models are any indication, the new one will be a hit with Davinci users and others. There are several advantages to this. There’s a good reason why IQC is at the top of our list of the best portable vaporizers!

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