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Photoseries exhibition: In 50 frames, the pull of the youth of two women, the story will tell the ‘sign’ in the still image.

Not a movie, this time the story will tell a still picture. Renowned fashion photographer Tathagata Ghosh is showing the idea of ​​making pictures in the heart of Kolkata. His construction of this bar is ‘Sai’. The exhibition of this still image will show the different stages of women’s friendship in the context of old times. And the faces of those women? Actress Anusha Bishwanathan and model Soumshree Banerjee.

Colorful waves across 50 huge canvases. In the middle of waiting for a lonely young woman, his best friend appeared. One prisoner. The other is like the messenger of eternal liberation. They will laugh, play and sing together. But after that? Can caged birds fly in the forest? Or will two souls be caught in the same cage? The answer will be found in the exhibition.

There is no dialogue or ambient music. The artist Tathagata is holding the strange pull in the light-shadow-color of the camera only. At the same time, you will notice the expression and posture of the two signatures in each frame. As their sari out, so is the jhangkar jewelry!

Photographer Tathagata Ghosh told Anandabazar Online that taking pictures is his passion and also his passion. However, at work, you no longer have the opportunity to tell your own story. So his words are suppressed. From there the stories are born. And the artist chose a new style of storytelling. He is particularly optimistic about the work this time around. This is the first time you are exhibiting such a large scale color image! Where international organizations have joined hands.

Every year since 2013, Tathagata has been exhibiting annual stills with the stars. In 2019, her exhibition ‘Awaiting’ was organized as a model for actress Priyanka Sarkar. After that it was not possible to hold this exhibition for 2 consecutive years in Corona situation. This year, seeing the situation a bit normal, Tathagata made his own still picture exhibition.

The first glimpse of ‘Sai’ has just been released. The exhibition will be held at Birla Academy from 18th to 22nd of this month.

Even though he works with technology, he loves to think outside the box. He lamented, “The net world has made everything worse these days. As if you can get it if you want! However, some things are not felt at home. ” The photographer said that he did not like the display of art on the net. You have to see the picture on the canvas attached to the wall! Where is the fun of watching ‘signature’ on the mobile screen! Of course, that system does not exist. The game lovers have to go to the exhibition to enjoy the play of colors, the expressions of the heroines.

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