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Companies who wish to produce high-quality hash oils that meet the needs of their customers will need to hire an extraction specialist with years of expertise. Collin Palmer is one of the few persons on the planet who has dedicated his life to the technique of solventless extraction for more than 27 years. Solventless extraction expert: “We have built a stand-out product in the marketplace.”.


As much of the original plant’s character as feasible should be preserved while making cannabis hash oil for vaporizers, That includes all of the compounds contained within the plant’s milky white trichomes, including as cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids. One of the greatest ways to accomplish this goal is by the extraction of hash oil from freshly frozen cannabis plants.

The term “fresh frozen” refers to the practice of freezing harvested plants immediately rather than allowing them to dry and cure first. Because it preserves the most trichome density and terpene profile, fresh frozen is considered the best approach. Terpenes are highly volatile compounds that are released by drying and curing cannabis plants. The trichomes and terpenes are preserved in the live rosin you’ll vape since the plant material is fresh frozen. Those natural diamonds in PAX newly pressed Live Rosin make it taste so wonderful.


The PAX Live Rosin pods’ patented extraction technique also guarantees purity.* In the cannabis industry, purity implies that our products are devoid of hazardous amounts of heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and combustion byproducts. In order to get the most out of your vaping experience, you need as few toxic chemicals as possible interfering with the flavor, effects, and enjoyment. With Palmer’s years of experience and refined expertise, you may rest assured that this is exactly what will happen. “To retain the terpenoids, we crush the fresh frozen material at a very low temperature before making hash and isolating the hash into specified micron sizes. Viscous oil is created via a post-processing procedure. To develop [PAX fresh-pressed Live Rosin with natural diamonds], we combine those [minor cannabinoids and terpenoids] for a unique experience,” adds Palmer. The final product is a tasty, powerful, and clean oil.

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