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The Pax 3 is a compact vaporizer for dry spices and oils. It’s PAX Labs’ most component stuffed vaporizer while still attentive enough to mix in with the items in your handbag or pocket, yet strong enough to create fulfilling fume in less than 30 seconds.

The principal new option to the Pax 3 adds a huge assortment of highlights through Bluetooth network — You can finely tune your Pax to an exact temperature, killing perhaps the greatest restriction of past Pax vaporizer ages.

The Pax 3 Australia has a redesigned battery contrasted with past ages. It has around 16% more limit than the past age battery, and in my testing, brought about around 20% better battery duration contrasted with my Pax 2.

Pax 3 is one of the quickest warming versatile vapes available, it very well may be prepared to vape from a virus get the ball rolling just 15 seconds.

For novices to disintegrating, the Pax 3 offers a straightforward involvement in scarcely any moving parts. You have a choice of four temperature presets from the get-go. For the individuals who need a more modified encounter, the Pax cell phone application opens a more exact temperature control, as well as a couple of additional adjustable settings I’ll cover underneath.


Pax 3 is little. It measures in at 3.9″ tall and 1.2″ wide and < 1″ profound, in the hand it seems like holding a larger than usual bic lighter. Because of it’s little size and sturdiness the Pax 3 is truly convenient. The body is metal and can get destroyed from being hauled around with other pocket occupants like coins and keys. I’ve likewise sat on and dropped my Pax 3 ordinarily without any results. I can’t say something very similar for my Arizer Air.

Configuration UPDATES

The Pax 3 is similar aspects as the Pax 2 and could undoubtedly be mistaken for one from the start. You can affirm the model of the Pax you’re taking a gander at the name scratched into the rear of the vaporizer. The Pax 3 likewise arrives in a combination of cleaned and matte varieties that the Pax 2 doesn’t offer. In any case, cosmetically it appears to be identical, and any cases or embellishments utilized with the Pax 2 will keep on working for the Pax 3.


The Pax Vaporiser 3 Australia rushes to warm up from a virus start. The longest I’ve trusted that the Pax 3 will warm up was something like 40 seconds, I was utilizing it outside on a freezing winter day. On normal it requires around 20 seconds to be prepared to vape from a virus start. In my testing it takes the Pax 2 no less than two times as lengthy to warm up as the fresher Pax 3.


It’s a little vape to the extent that convenient vapes go. The body is tube-formed with one button situated under the mouthpiece on the top and a broiler on the base. The front has a little four-petal marker and there are two charging contacts on the back. It fits easily in my grasp and in my pockets


The Pax 3 has four preset temperature settings and a custom fifth setting for picking your own favored temp utilizing the Pax application.

Warming Profiles

Warming profiles decide how quick the Pax warms up and how lengthy it holds that temperature. During a draw the warming profile will control how hard the Pax overdrives the broiler to hold your spice back from chilling off something over the top. These profiles are both enjoyable to play with, and decent for altering the Pax to your utilization and necessities.

STANDARD warms up to the set temperature and provides the temperature with a smidgen of a lift just while you’re drawing. Support is tied in with utilizing all the power the Pax 3 brings to the table. While warming up and keeping in mind that drawing, the Pax 3 runs at full power, after you’re finished drawing, it continuously slopes the intensity down to backup temps as opposed to cooling immediately.

Productivity is the most unique temperature profile. While in Efficiency mode the Pax will begin at your chose temperature, and afterward leisurely increase the temperature gradually throughout the span of your meeting. The Pax 3 can distinguish while you’re drawing, and raise the temperature provided that you’ve been utilizing it. How could this be not quite the same as Standard? Standard just lifts the temperature from the set temp while you’re drawing, Efficiency raises the set temp while you’re drawing and lifts from that point. The more drawn out your meeting the more sultry the stove gets. I ordinarily start at 370 and end around 395 while I’m utilizing


Secrecy keeps the broiler as cool as possible while sitting and increase to full temps just while you’re drawing. This implies that general you’re investing some energy during each hit trusting that the stove will heat up. The potential gain of this is that there is substantially less smell spilling from a standing by Pax 3 that is running in Stealth mode. The LED pointer on the facade of the Pax 3 is consequently darkened while in Stealth mode.
FLAVOR is a blend of Standard, Stealth, and Boost. It chills off rapidly after attracts to protect the kind of the spice for the following draw, during a draw the Pax 3 will support rapidly for most extreme fume extraction.


The fume from the Pax 3 is medium thickness and delightful toward the beginning. There are settings to catch the taste and flavor insight, or the thick shady breathed out fume experience that a great deal of smokers like.

Concerning usability, particularly for newbies to disintegrating, the Pax 3 is truly outstanding in the versatile classification. It’s natural to utilize and easy to keep up with the Pax 3. General support doesn’t need substantially more than a line cleaner and some liquor swabs.

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