Party scandal, another investigation against Boris

The lower house of the British Parliament, the House of Commons, voted yesterday on whether to investigate the prime minister.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ‘partisan scandal’ is not going away. During the lockdown, the British Prime Minister was accused of breaking the rules and joining multiple parties at his official residence. The police have imposed a fine on him. He was also accused of misleading the MPs by saying that he had not broken the rules while standing in the Khas House of Commons. This time the investigation against Boris is about to start. This will be the third investigation against him.

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The lower house of the British Parliament, the House of Commons, voted yesterday on whether to investigate the prime minister. After nearly five hours of debate on the issue, most of the MPs did not take the initiative to oppose the proposal during the voting. In other words, they want the investigation against the Prime Minister. Similarly, the Privilege Committee of the House will start an investigation against Boris. But not now, the Privilege Committee has said it will begin its own investigation once all police investigations are completed.

Prime Minister Johnson is currently on a two-day visit to India. Today, almost all the leading British dailies have printed on the front page in Gujarat a picture of Boris wearing a turban and holding hands. At the same time, the British media began to say that the Tory leaders were finally forced to open their mouths against the Prime Minister.

In fact, the British government wanted to postpone the vote in the House of Commons. But some MPs from Boris’s own party, the Conservative Party, have spoken out against the prime minister. After that the government decided to hold a quick vote. Like the leaders of the opposition Labor Party, some Tory leaders feel that Boris has really misled all the MPs with his 10 Downing Street party standing in Parliament. Under British law, the prime minister must resign if found guilty.

All these rebel leaders of the Conservative Party have been praised by a large section of the British media. Political experts now think that several MPs from his party are going to bring a no-confidence motion against Boris. Conservative MP Tobias Elwood, who has been a vocal critic of Johnson, has said, “If not now, the question is when the no-confidence motion against Boris will be tabled.” Being clear.

However, Boris, who is currently a few thousand kilometers away from the country, is not too worried about the investigation. He made it clear to the Indian media that he had nothing to hide. He has already told the parliament what to say. At the moment, he is worried about the war situation in Ukraine and the inflation situation in the country. Critics say Boris has sought to step down before the war breaks out in Ukraine. However, the British Prime Minister said on Indian soil, “It seems that the opposition is trying to prioritize this one issue only. I have no special problem with that.

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