Panchakarma: A Take On Wholesome Ayurvedic Treatment

Introduction To The Core Concept Of Natural Detox Therapy

The emergence of millennials and Gen Z in the sphere of healthcare has given rise to a tectonic shift in the prevalent healthcare-related notions and approaches toward treatment. Ayurveda and its application are now no longer limited to books, rather through its natural healing power it has made its way to the lives of people. As per the Ayurveda texts, Panchakarma is equivalent to the purgation of the body and soul or “Shodhana”, where the dilapidated health conditions are treated with the care of nature. In simple words, it is a prominent form of detox therapy that can elucidate the process of treatment of both health-related complications and mental inflictions.

Don’t you think that visiting ayurvedic spa centers and resorts have turned into our obsession more than a necessity? The reality is altogether different as Ayurvedic detox therapy can be performed in the home as well for attaining optimal outcomes. Ayurveda has more to it than meeting weight-loss needs. Ayurveda-infused therapies, especially the five-step “Shodhana” process are aimed at encouraging you to let live life fully without sacrificing a single moment.

The natural detox therapy of Ayurveda in essence is a specialized therapy that entails five procedures, mentioned below.

  • Therapeutic Emesis or Vamana
  • Purgation therapy or Virechana
  • Therapeutic Enema or Vasti
  • Errhine Therapy or Nasya
  • Blood-letting or Rakta Mochana

The natural detox and healing procedure can only reach to apex when the proper 21-day therapeutic relief will be conducted in a systematic manner without diversion.

The Procedure Of Natural Detox Therapy

Stuck in a web of doubts that how you will engage in the ancient practices of natural detox therapy? Always remember, Ayurvedic detox is more like a comprehensive quest toward eternal bliss and to embark on this journey, having some preparations are necessary. Ayurveda experts have outlined and classified the entire process of detox and healing into three significant phases, pre-cleansing, cleansing, and post-cleansing.

  • Pre-cleansing – Before initiating the process of actual cleansing, profound dedication, and a systematic diet routine are also essential from the end of the users, seeking this therapy. Panchakarma calls for a mono diet to improve immunity power and increase the capacity of nutrient absorption in the body and self-care would also have to be blended with it to gear up yourself for a refreshing healing session. Oleation or Snehan with that of medicated ghee accelerates the capacity of digestion and the dosage of it is increased each day by the therapist based on the demand of the health mechanism of the patients. In countries all over the world, you will likely find millions of Ayurveda detoxification centers to guide you regarding the necessary steps to be followed, while most people choose to relish this energized feeling in the comfort of home. In that case, taking home consultation from the therapist is vital. In the aftermath of oleation both intrinsically and extrinsically, the practitioner shifts to the actual phase of detox for proper purgation of the toxins.
  • Cleansing – During the actual session of therapy, for eliminating all the doshas from both mind and body, it is pivotal from the side of the therapy seekers to surrender themselves in front of the natural healing mechanism that ousts the bad habits. Rather than getting caught in the stringent rules of ancient Ayurveda, the users are encouraged to relax body and mind so as to step-by-step undergo Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, Nasya, and lastly Rakta Mochana. Often in the first stage Vamana or in the final stage, rakta mochana with leeches, people report immense discomfort in addition to the fear and a sense of inconvenience, triggering negative emotions, which later on can be alleviated by a routine lifestyle.
  • Post-cleansing – Healing is a choice that we make consciously to define our well-being and thrive in our own bodies and the post-cleansing step is all about determining the right choices. For instance, an herbal diet especially a plant-based diet along with 6 to 8 hours of sleep are must-haves.

Techniques To Increase The Efficacy Of Panchakarma

Here we have presented a lowdown of some specific strategies to escalate the overall effectiveness of Ayurved therapy.

  • Enjoying sumptuous meals
  • Cessation from the habits like smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Minimization of talking during the time of having a meal
  • Transition to the healthy habits
  • Meditation on a regular basis for best results

The Core Ideas In A Nutshell

Panchakarma is aimed at empowering the people from inside out and boosting their energy at an unprecedented level. Investing in natural detox therapy is a worthy investment that can come up with a better ROI. Apart from that, you can expect the visible results of this therapy in the elevation of the spirit and exalted degree of energy inflow. To leverage this natural detox therapy for wholesome satisfaction, contact an Ayurvedic Clinic near you.    

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

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