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Bone density scans

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If you are taking Alendronate for osteoporossis, you will need to be careful to follow some important guidelines. This drug can interact with other medications. You should make sure to take any vitamin or mineral supplements 30 minutes before or after taking alendronate. You should also make sure to eat plenty of calcium-rich foods and drink vitamin D-rich liquids. If you are unable to consume sufficient amounts of calcium in your diet, you should let your doctor know. They can also prescribe calcium supplements.


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Risk factors

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Nurses play a pivotal role in bone health. Through their role in prevention and education, they can increase patient awareness of bone health and promote healthy lifestyle habits. Nurses are the first line of contact for older patients who may have osteoporosis, provide preventive treatment, and assess fracture risk. They can also provide clear information to patients to minimize anxiety, encourage adherence to treatment, and promote good bone health.

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