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Thanks to telemedicine, I am now enjoying my new smile with straight teeth and even a better bite. I have always thought about treating my teeth and having them more aligned and straight. But every time I visit a dentist, he says to me that I need to wear braces. And because braces take too long to fix teeth, and require follow-ups in the clinic, I was trying to avoid them as much as possible.

First, because I don’t want to spend like 2 to 3 years of my life wearing braces, especially metallic braces, which will look very awful when I am giving a course or session to my students or participants in any conference or workshop. And second, because I don’t really like to go to the clinics. So I needed to find something better to get the smile I want.

I thought first about veneers, but many friends told me to avoid them as long as my teeth are healthy. So I made a little search about the alternative of metallic braces and found Invisalign. It is a new form of teeth aligner, which is invisible, clear, and easy to wear. I was impressed by the idea and searched if it is available in Dubai. I found it at Novomed centers and decided to consult the dentist there. So I booked my appointment and went to see the dentist.

During the consultation, the dentist explained to me more about Invisalign and assessed my teeth case, and he confirmed that I am a candidate for Invisalign treatment. One of my main concerns was that I don’t want to go to the clinic. So I asked the doctor about the follow-up, and he ensured me that I won’t need to come to the clinic, instead, we can have an online consultation.

I wondered how to do so. He explained that all I have to do is to agree with him on a specific date every month, and we can have an online consultation through the Novomed website. And by that, I will have straight teeth in less than 1 year, with no braces noticed and without any clinic visit. Well, this is the treatment I was looking for!

And now, I got the smile I always wanted and I am so happy! And by the way, I am always counting on the online consultation to contact all the doctors I need!


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