Safe On-Demand Business Setup With Gojek Clone

Launching the Gojek Clone application doesn’t require investment in heavy machinery. All you need is a perfect clone app script and a team of white-labeling experts. Does that mean you need to work day and night to find the perfect script and hire an app development team? I’d say your effort and hard work would be minimized if you find a globally-reputed white-labeling firm with at least a decade of experience in the on-demand industry. 

How to Safely Launch the On-demand Multi-service App?

If you want to launch the app safely without stressing about low quality or cheating, get yourself a white-labeling firm first! A white-labeling firm is where you can purchase the pre-built apps, get them rebranded, and launch them! 

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Use these qualifications to find a globally-reputed white-labeling firm: 

  • Experience: must have at least a decade of industrial experience in building and launching pre-built mobile applications. 
  • Quick delivery: the firm must develop and launch the apps in 1 to 2 weeks. 
  • Easy customization: the firm must provide you with an easy-to-customize Gojek Clone. Why? The application has to be integrated with your preferred languages, currencies, colors, etc. 
  • Source code: the firm should provide you with the lifetime licensed source code for one domain at no additional cost other than the package cost. 
  • Payment Milestone: part payment should be available so entrepreneurs can easily purchase the clone app script!

Second, test the demo application the firm will provide you. Make sure that the demo app trial is FREE. If the white-labeling firm asks you to pay for the demo app trial, skip them! Here are a few things to note while you’re testing the application. 

  • Test the workflow of the application carefully. 
  • See what features are pre-integrated into the app. 
  • What services and features would you like to disable? 
  • What customizations would you like to do? 

Secure Your Mobile App

Once you have the answers with you, it is time to get started with white-labeling the application. To ensure that your application focuses on “security,” integrate the following features: 

  • SOS button 

Integrate the SOS button into the application to ensure your customers are safe during the service. If a customer feels threatened during the service, they can click the SOS button. Subsequently,  a HELP message is sent to the emergency contacts of the customer. Besides the emergency contacts, the message is sent to the police and the app admin. 

  • Local payment gateways 

The Gojek Clone app ensures that every online transaction is undertaken with utmost safety and security. The local payment gateway protects every transaction detail so that no data breach happens! 

Moreover, when you integrate the region’s local payment gateway, the customers trust your app and do not hesitate while making online payments. 

  • Biometric authentication login 

To increase the login security of the application, the developers have integrated the feature of biometric authentication. iPhone users can now login to the app using Face ID while Android users can use Fingerprint to login. 

Not only customers get to login without remembering the username and password, they can also assure the towering security of their Gojek-like app login. 

Once you plan to make the final app purchase, be careful about certain things: 

  • Transparent pricing 
  • Frequent communication schedule 
  • Free demo app trial for as long as you want 
  • Number of apps they have already launched 
  • Video testimonials of their clients 
  • Number of services offered 

In conclusion: 

Get ready with your business plan because the Gojek Clone app is here to launch your app in 1 to 2 weeks! Leverage the quick time to market and see it as the opportunity to make easy money. Choose the right business model to gain more than you invest. 

Remember, a safe and secure application is a boon for your on-demand business!

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