Why Am I Not Receiving a Google Verification Code?

Not Receiving a Google Verification Code?

Having a Google account gives you many privileges and services that you can use and enjoy. All these services can be used by a Google account holder on any device if they log into their account. There is no restriction of a device as a Google account can be used on either mobile phones or your personal computer. 

Since the account holds the personal information of people, Google has also made the privacy of their customers their top-priorities. There is two-step verification for every account to protect the account from hackers and scammers. One of these steps is a message you receive on the registered phone number consisting of a security code that is used to log into your account. But, many users have complained about not receiving Google verification code for Gmail on their phones. And this causes a lot of problems for the account holders. 

There can be many reasons for this problem but you should know that the issue can be fixed and you can get access to your account back without any difficulty. In this blog, we are going to tell you some simple methods through which you can resolve your issue. 

Why am I Not Getting a Google Verification Code?

Reasons for not receiving the Google verification code

Since Google verification code is a very important part of the security process of Google there are usually very rare instances when users face problems with this issue. But, it is important to know the reasons behind this issue. Listed below are some reasons which can cause the problem of not receiving the Google verification code.

  • A Problem in the synced phone number
  • Syncing problems between your Google account and your phone number
  • Problems with your network connections
  • Device issues

Solutions to fix the issue of not receiving Google verification code

There are several different solutions that will help you in fixing the problem if you are not receiving the Google verification code for your Google account’s verification. 

How do I Fix Gmail Not Receiving Verification Code?

Method 1: Correct phone number

The most common reason why you think that Google not sending verification code to email or your phone number is that the phone number you have entered or synced with your account is not correct.

Why am I not receiving a Google verification code? How can I fix?

It is very important to make sure that the phone number on which you are expecting the Google verification code is the same number that you have synced with your Google account. You can check this from your Google account.

  • Open your Google profile.
  • Check the phone number from your personal information.
  • If the number is not correct then you need to know that you have to change the number for Google’s two-step verification.

Once you have changed the number then you will get the Google verification code on the changed phone number. Hope this method helps you in resolving your issue if not then, please move forward to the next solution.

Why am I not receiving a Google Verification Code? How to Fix It?

Method 2: Ensure a Stable network connection

Another thing that is very important when you are waiting for Google’s verification code is that you need to have a good network connection. You will not receive the Google verification code if you do not have a good network connection. It is very important that you have a stable connection when waiting for the verification code as you will not receive one if the connection is faulty or bad. 

If you are using mobile data then, we recommend that you switch to using Wi-Fi or move to a place where your mobile data is working well. 

Why Am I Not Receiving a Google Verification Code? How Can I Fix It?

Method 3: Your device issues

If Gmail not receiving verification code then, this problem can happen because of your device issues. You can try to change your SIM to a different mobile phone or check your settings to see what the problem is. 

It is not very difficult. You can also try to shut off your mobile phone and then, restart it. This simple on and off usually helps the mobile phone and often resolves any issue that the device is facing. 

You can also use the website Ityug247 to know how you can fix the message problems of your device. The website can also help you with any other issues like it is a very good technical website that has the solutions to almost every problem. 


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