Nokia 10 here’s everything we know so far

Nokia 10 here's everything we know so far

Although Nokia is generally a budget and mid-range

phone leader, it does launch some flagship phones every now and then and that’s precisely what we’re hoping for Nokia 10 to be. Nokia 10 will be: the latest and most powerful phone by the company.The company’s first foray into 5G-based devices using devices like Nokia 8.3 5G Nokia 8.3 5G offered us a good but not very exciting device.

Hopefully, Nokia 10 will be a step up. Nokia 10 will allow the company to showcase some amazing new camera technology or other great featuresThe article below works best not as the typical hub for phone rumors however, it is a more historical record of the many leaks and news we’ve heard about the phone since 2019.

Nokia 10 will be available on October 10, along with price

The most recent release date rumor suggests that the Nokia 10 (or Nokia X60 or Nokia X60, as it could be called) launching before November 11th 2021 This clearly did not happen, as we’re now in 2022 and no sign of the phone.

It was easy to believe as it coincided with a different report of a release date which suggested that the phone was in the second part of 2021. Previous leaks about release dates were a thing of the past and the latest ones have been added to the growing list of leaks that are false. MobileSea Service Tool

We’re anticipating 2022 for an announcement now.

It is possible that the phone will be launched as an upgrade of the Nokia 10, but as mentioned, we’ve heard we could get Nokia 9.3, the Nokia X60, Nokia 9.2 or Nokia 9.3 as an upgraded model of the Nokia 9 PureView that was announced in the MWC 2019. MWC 2019..

In terms of price The Nokia 9 PureView launched at $699 / PS549 or AU$980. Generally, we’d expect a better phone to cost at the very least or even more. In other words in the event that it’s not a massive improvement over the old phone we wouldn’t anticipate it to be a lot more expensive.

Nokia 10, Nokia X60, Nokia 9.1, Nokia 9.2 or Nokia 9.3?

The new smartphone is being dubbed Nokia 10, as it’s the Nokia 10, because its predecessor was known as the Nokia 9. But, as we’ve mentioned above we’ve heard of a variety of names that Nokia could make use of for the brand’s new smartphone.The fact that Nokia has announced the brand’s new G, C and X series, there’s a great possibility of the Nokia 10 will have a initial letter in front of its model leaks point towards

the possibility of a Nokia X60 – along possibly with the Nokia X60 Pro.Also, there’s an alternative, the Nokia 9.1, which makes sense since when Nokia launches new smartphones, it employs an decimal system. The Nokia 7.1 was succeeded by the Nokia 7.2, for example. This title suggests that the new flagship model is an improved version of the 9 PureView but not a totally new phone.

However, we’ve heard that Nokia might jump over 9.1

and jump straight into 9.2, a name likely to compensate the fact that it’s delayed for so long. It’s even been called Nokia 9.3. Nokia 9.3, so take your option.Nokia 10 was posited as the name of the phone since it’s an upgrade over Nokia 9, and the 9.-something names suggest that it’s an incremental improvement over the PureView 9 instead of a completely new phone.

The name “Nokia 10” could be a possibility, considering that, in October 2020 the authentic Nokia document was leaked, naming the phone even though the X60 also has a lot of force to it since it’s compatible with the company’s current namestamps.

Nokia 10/ Nokia 9.3 leaks reports, rumors, and leaks

We also knew about the fact that the next Nokia flagship would not be revealed in MWC 2020 which means it might have the premium Snapdragon 865 processor. This is because the Nokia 9 came with an old processor and suffered due to this. The cancellation at MWC 2020 made that somewhat of a shambles however.However Snapdragon 865 Snapdragon 865

was in the market for some time now, but we’re hearing about it’s been delayed until the Nokia 10 has been further delayed in order to incorporate the Snapdragon 865.The latest leaks suggest that the Snapdragon 775 processor that is a new model in 2021, is expected to be the processor which powers Nokia 10. Nokia 10 (or whatever it’s known as). In addition, it could feature a sapphire-glass display as well as a stainless steel frame.

Another thing which we’ve heard of the upcoming Nokia phone, perhaps one called the Nokia 10, is that it may include an under-screen camera for selfiesinstead of one that is housed in bezels or notch, that’s a luxury feature that might be a bit off-putting on an Nokia phone, unless it’s an extremely high-end phone.

What do we hope to find on our review of Nokia 10 / Nokia 9.2

These are the things we’d like to see on the next Nokia flagship phone to make it a real competitor to the top phones available right now.Although it was true that the Nokia 9 PureView had five rear cameras, we discovered that the camera’s photo-taking capabilities were not good, and this is because all cameras were equipped with identical lenses and resolutions, the sole differentiating factor being that some cameras were in black and white.

The company took this action to ensure the phone could take amazing regular photos, however, as a result, it didn’t come equipped that had an ultra-wide or telephoto lens, which meant there was less flexibility regarding the kind of photos that you could capture.AdvertisemenThe Nokia 10, or whatever the new Nokia flagship will be named, we’d like to see several lenses which will allow us to capture photos zoomed in and decent macro photos and much more. A higher-resolution sensor wouldn’t hurt either.

 A powerful processor

Although Nokia 9 PureView Nokia 9 PureView didn’t have an awful processor but it’s Snapdragon 845 chip was among the best pieces of technology from the year before, consequently, a lot of phones from 2019 outperformed it on performance.As one of the phone’s selling features was the fact that it could take five images at the same time, and then exported the images to RAW file formats, using a quality processing system would have been helpful.

We’d love to see the top-of-the-line chipset on Nokia 10, Nokia 10 or Nokia 9.2 It will most likely include the Snapdragon 865, if the new phone launches in 2020.This processor could give the phone with quick processing (obviously) and could be ideal for taking photos and graphical rendering in games, and maybe even 5G connectivity since the chipset is equipped with a 5G modem.

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