Nigerian Airlines suspends flights over rising oil prices

Nigerian Airlines suspends flights over rising oil prices

Nigerian airlines say jet fuel prices have risen several times per liter since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine had 190 naira liters before the start of the war but now it has increased to 700 naira.

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Nigerian airlines have fallen into extreme disarray due to the quadrupling of jet fuel prices. That is why they will suspend all domestic flights from Monday.

The announcement was made by an airline on Saturday.

Global fuel prices have risen sharply since Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine. Western nations, including the United States, have imposed a number of tough sanctions on Moscow over the war. As Russia is one of the major exporters of oil and gas, it is having an impact on the global energy sector.

The airline operators of Nigeria have said that no other airline in the world will be able to cope with such a big shock in such a short period of time. Passengers in that country have to pay one lakh 20 thousand (৮ 269) for an hour’s flight. Which is extremely difficult for Nigerians to bear. That is why the airline service providers have already faced various complications. Eventually they decided to postpone the flight.

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