New Zealand eTA Visa Online Application

The New Zealand ETA is an electronic travel authorization system that was implemented in July 2019. This allows eligible travelers to get an E-VISA in New Zealand completely online within 72 hours of the planned trip. This is an e-VISA that can be used to get NZeTA for traveling to the beautiful country of “New Zealand”.

From October 1, cruise travelers are required to carry a genuine and authentic ETA for residents of sixty countries. These sixty countries fall under the Weber Nation tag. Not only citizens but all airlines and cruise line crew members must have a valid ETA when traveling to New Zealand.

To get an ETA in New Zealand you need to fill out a simple online form. It is required from the residents of all countries. These are not specific rules for different countries. One good thing about getting an ETA is that you don’t have to go to the consulate or embassy for this purpose. It will rarely take ten minutes to complete and submit an online application. It’s quite simple and hassle-free. Most applications are processed and finalized in just 24 hours. But in some special cases, it can mount up to 72 business hours to complete the process. When you apply for your New Zealand visa, you must apply within a reasonable amount of time. If you leave it too late, you may not have enough time to process your application before your intended departure date.

After NZeTA (ETA New Zealand) approval, a confirmation mail will be sent to the candidates via email. After ETA approval, it holds 2 years of validity. It will be valid for multiple visits during this period. This is to inform you that a small processing fee is required along with tourist tax with some validity like IVL (International Tourism Levy) and an international visitor reservation is very much required to get ETA New Zealand.

When filling out the online form, it is mandatory to provide personal details such as full name, residential address, DOB, travel plan, visa details, and valid passport. The candidate has to answer these few questions. The form also contains specific sections related to safety and health checks that need to be filled out correctly.

Why is ETA New Zealand mandatory? Who needs this?


These are some of the notable countries whose residents can go to New Zealand without the hassle of being denied a visa for 90 days. Residents of the UK can stay in New Zealand for about six months whereas Australians have the advantage of residential status.

According to government rules, citizens of 60 exempt countries are required to apply for ETA New Zealand before moving there. The validity of ETA New Zealand is now 2 years. Citizens of these 60 countries are required to have a New Zealand ETA.

Specification for New Zealand ETA


Crew members of all airlines and cruise lines in any country must have a valid ETA when traveling to New Zealand. Indigenous Australians with permanent nationality from other countries are not required to pay the tourist levy for ETA.

Excluding NZeTA visa waiver


  •  Cargo carrying foreign ship crew members
  •  National guests
  •  Members are covered by the Antarctic Treaty
  •  Crew members of the visiting force

Travel with NZeTA Visa Weaver


If you want to spend your holiday in a peaceful and beautiful country then New Zealand may be your best option. It has pristine natural beauty and sophisticated city. It provides a healthy environment and at the same time, has all the modern conveniences. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations due to its unique fauna, several volcanoes, and glaciers and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations for ski, snowboarding, and surfing lovers. You can contact NZeTA Visa Consultants to get a visitor visa to enjoy an adventurous vacation in New Zealand. Your tour of New Zealand with ETA is very easy. The whole process is quite simple and hassle-free and does not require one person to visit the embassy or consulate. Preliminary formalities need to be done while filling out the online application form.

It is mandatory to show the ETA New Zealand received by the border authorities at the time of entry. The whole process of screening is a part of a security test and is quite necessary.

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