New speculation about Amit Shah’s dinner at Sourav’s house

A section of the ruling Trinamool Congress in West Bengal could not accept the dinner of Union Home Minister Amit Shah at Sourav Ganguly’s house in Behala, South Kolkata. Meanwhile, new speculations have started in the state about this dinner. Many are talking, but is Sourav or his wife Donna Ganguly going to be a Rajya Sabha MP in the presidential nomination?

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Amit Shah arrived in Kolkata on a two-day visit and attended a dinner at the Behala home of BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly on Friday night. He went to his house at the invitation of Sourav.

Some Trinamool leaders were unhappy about Amit Shah’s visit to his house at the invitation of Sourav. They say it is the turn of the BJP to leave the state. BJP leaders are joining the grassroots in groups. Ordinary people of the state also do not want to look at any other party after seeing the activities of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Why would Sourav invite BJP Union Home Minister Amit Shah to a dinner on such auspicious day for Trinamool?

Although Sourav has repeatedly said that he has a long-standing personal relationship with Amit Shah. His son Joy Shah is the secretary of the central committee of the BCCI. Due to this relationship, Amit Shah had expressed his desire to have dinner at Sourav’s house. In this context, Saurabh hosted a dinner in honor of Amit Shah.

Sourav says Chief Minister Mamata is a close person to him. Meet him, talk. He was the one who told him that Amit Shah should be entertained with Bengal’s pride Rasgolla and Yoghurt. He arranged rasgolla and yoghurt for Amit Shah’s dinner. Amit Shah ate Bengali vegetarian food in his mind. He ate rasgolla and curd. He is satisfied with eating.

Asked by reporters after dinner, Donna said, “I don’t know if Saurabh will enter politics. But he will do well when he comes. ‘

Donna made similar comments before last year’s Assembly elections. He said, “Sourav will be at the top when it comes to politics.”

Some grassroots leaders are not able to accept the issue of dinner. Trinamool MLA Manoranjan Bepari of Balagarh in Hooghly said in a Facebook post on Saturday that Saurabh is the dulal of Alal’s house. He was never insane about Saurabh. He can hit the ball well with the bat. With that, whatever happens, the country-nation-people do not get any benefit. He can only earn crores of rupees. So he had no passion for Saurabh.

MLA Manoranjan Byapari further said that today when Saurabh is an extreme anti-Bengali; Anti-Bengali language, literature and culture; The conspirator of Bengali division was entertained and taken home and had a feast; Then it seems that he is really sorry to see those who dance to him as a Bengali icon.

However, Kolkata Mayor Firhad Hakim did not agree with the entertainment commentator. He said, ‘Sourav is the pride of Bengal. Sourav often goes and talks to his sister. Anyone can invite. Can entertain. This is not a big deal. When you come home, you have to entertain. This is the tradition of Bengalis. ‘

After Amit Shah’s dinner at Sourav’s residence, a new speculation has started in the state. People are saying that some seats of the presidential nominee in the Rajya Sabha will soon become vacant. In that vacant seat, Sourav or Donna can be nominated in the President’s quota.

Two chambers of the Indian legislature. The upper house is the Rajya Sabha. The lower house is the Lok Sabha. Rajya Sabha seats 250. The President of India nominated candidates for 12 seats. The President nominates 12 members from among the eminent personalities of India.

During the BJP’s tenure, two of the state’s presidents have become MPs. One of them is actress Rupa Ganguly and the other is journalist Swapan Dasgupta.

Besides, Sachin Tendulkar, a former Indian cricketer, became a Rajya Sabha MP under the President’s quota during the Congress era.

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