New Dutch Bros CTO Talks Company Growth

New Dutch Bros CTO Talks Company Growth. On December. 1st, Leigh Gower became Dutch Bros Coffee’s first chief technology. The announcement came just three months after the business announced the company’s IPO on the New York Stock Exchange.

As Dutch Bros expands to new markets, Gower says her role within this company will be to utilize technology to improve user and employees’ experience and promote the same culture of the company regardless of what location they go. Dutch Bros expands.

Before she entered her position in Dutch Bros, Gower did an internship of 13 months as technology vice president at the online jeweler the Blue Nile.

Gower spoke to Oregon Business about her new position. The way technology integrates into the company’s plans for expansion and how Dutch Bros can protect its employees’ and customers’ data from cybercrime.

Is There a Dutch Bros Straw Code?

There are reports of a Dutch Bros Straw Code. The company has yet identified it, but some have said it exists. You have likely seen colored straws when enjoying coffee in a cafe and wondered how they function. Below are some thoughts and information about the straw code. Here are some reasons to buy straws in white or colored. Please find out more about them here!

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In your capacity as Dutch Bros’ first CTO, What will be your role when the company grows?

It’s impossible to be a public company without technology as the basis of your actions.

As we plan our growth in the future, technology has to play a more prominent role in ensuring that our experiences are seamless and communication seamless. The mission I have been assigned is safeguarding and preserving our company’s culture as we become more extensive and expand the technology ecosystem surrounding our employees.

When you visit the shop, you can hear music, and our baristas will come right up to you, speak with you, and even ask you questions about your day. We’ve discovered that the primary reason that a large number of customers come for more visits to Dutch Bros is because of having the opportunity to talk to our baristas.

What do you think technology can contribute to?

It’s my responsibility to enable employees to perform what they are best at. There’s technology in our shop that can be made more efficient and more automated in the small space so that the team members can concentrate more on the customer’s needs.

In HR, there’s also technology that employees utilize to control their health benefits and their personal information about the company. All of these could be made to provide lower friction for the end-user.

If you’ve been an Apple client, you know they’re highly proficient in their interface and how they utilize apps, allowing you to accomplish whatever you want. They can provide a simple user experience. Switch to Android as well as Windows, and you have to struggle.

We’re looking to use technology whenever we can but in a manner that is not burdensome for our users.

What did Dutch Bros grow technologically during the epidemic, and in what areas are you seeing the business advancing?

Dutch Bros app perfectly illustrates how we’ve developed as a company throughout the epidemic. The company went from having the punch card to having a digital platform.

There’s a long list of things we’re planning to implement with the app to increase the user experience. Plenty is being developed and lots of ideas. Once we’ve tried it out, see if it works before rolling it out. The past two years have seen companies prepare for the growing risk, prevalence, and sophistication of cybercrime and cyberattacks.

How do Dutch Bros defend its customer and employee data from hackers?

It’s also about studying the criminals to find out how they operate so that you can stay ahead of them. It’s also making sure that you have the proper defences and guidelines. In the same way, we need to ensure that we don’t do it in a manner that is disruptive to the user experience.

Businesses are constantly watching what’s happening in the background every time there’s an incident. Was the door open, which allowed the criminal into the company? We learn from each incident; however, in the same way, we need to be creative and anticipatory. That means we need constantly be checking to see what our weaknesses lie.

There are experts within our department who are constantly investigating ways in which criminals can get access to the ports on the internet or elsewhere.

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