NATO wants Ukraine to prolong war to weaken Russia: Turkey demands

NATO wants Ukraine to prolong war to weaken Russia: Turkey demands

Russia has been conducting military operations in Ukraine for almost two months now. NATO, along with the United States, has sided with the United States in providing military assistance to the Eastern European country, which has been rocked by a fierce attack by Russian troops. However, Turkey has accused the US-led military alliance of trying to prolong the war in Ukraine.

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The country alleges that some NATO members want to prolong the ongoing war in Ukraine in order to weaken Russia. The news agency Reuters reported this information in a report on Thursday (April 21).

In an interview with CNN Turkey on Wednesday (April 20th), Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlt Cavusoglu said there are some countries in the military alliance NATO that want war to continue in Ukraine. They want (through war) to weaken Russia.

However, representatives of Moscow and Kiev have discussed ending the war in Ukraine at various times. Last month, Russian and Ukrainian representatives met in Istanbul, Turkey, for the latest face-to-face talks. But now this discussion is going on online.

In this situation, Turkey accuses Ukraine of prolonging the war against some NATO member countries. However, the Turkish Foreign Minister did not directly comment on whether Turkey itself is a member of NATO and which NATO member states do not want an end to the war in Ukraine right now.

Meanwhile, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin at the official residence and office of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said on Wednesday that Ukraine was moving away from the issues already agreed upon (between Moscow and Kiev).

As a NATO member, Turkey has provided combat drones to Ukraine to counter Russian aggression, AFP reports. However, unlike other Western nations, Russia has not taken any steps to impose economic or other sanctions on Russia.

Turkey has good relations with both Russia and Ukraine. And so Ankara is mediating to end the war between these two friendly countries. At the same time, the country has proposed to hold a meeting of the two top leaders of the two countries.

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