Nationwide protests in Sri Lanka this time

Nationwide protests in Sri Lanka this time

There were nationwide protests in Sri Lanka on Thursday. It is said that this is the first time since the beginning of the economic crisis that this protest has become a nationwide program. Almost everything was closed that day, starting from the office-court. .............................................................................

President Gotabaya will hold talks with all parties on behalf of the king on Friday, including a new prime minister and an interim government.

But his brother Mahinda Rajapaksa was adamant in his announcement not to step down as Prime Minister. In this situation, he is afraid of facing a no-confidence motion.
Police and regional officials said public transport was closed in Sri Lanka on Thursday and school attendance was low. Shops, offices and courts were closed all over the country. Most of the schools in the capital Colombo were closed. The trains at the station also stopped. Because the drivers all joined the protest.

Hundreds of officials from state-owned banks joined the protest, dressed in black and carrying black flags. Trade unions in the banking sector also joined the program.

“This government has destroyed the country,” said Samanthi Ekanayake, a 34-year-old banker. Prices are rising every day and people have no way to survive. No fuel. When I go home, there is no electricity. There is no cooking gas. ‘

According to local media reports, the vegetable shop was even closed; Even the fields associated with tea, the country’s main export product, were closed. Wholesale shops in the Pettah area, Colombo’s main commercial center, have been closed. Employees joined the protest and chanted “Go home dive”.

From the beginning, the agitators have been asking the entire royal family to leave politics.
Hundreds of trade unions joined the protest. These include trade unions affiliated with the Rajapaksa-led ruling party Sri Lanka Padujana Paramunar (SLPP).

A police official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, “Today is like a public holiday. He said the hospitals only provided emergency services.

Preparing for a no-confidence vote

The country’s opposition AJB and TNA are preparing for a no-confidence vote against the ruling government. Nalaka Godaheba, a spokeswoman for the ruling cabinet, said: “Political instability will make resolving this economic crisis more difficult. It is therefore essential to establish a strong government with a clear majority. And the government is working towards that goal. ‘

The people of the island nation of 22 million have been living in dire need of food, energy and medicine for months. Commodity prices have also skyrocketed. Source: AFP, Times of India

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