Murshidabad Murder: Prisoners worried about murderous behavior

Sushant Chowdhury is much easier with his fellow inmates than before. He is breaking the silence and sharing his personal feelings with them. Sometimes, when the topic of ‘lover’ Sutapa Chowdhury comes up, she even cries with intense remorse. That is why the prison guards are watching the ‘thunder signal’. According to jail sources, Sushant is being kept under 24-hour surveillance. Within hours of the incident, Behrampur police arrested him from Shamserganj. He has been in the custody of Bahrampur Central Correctional Institution after several days of police custody. During all this time, Sushant did not want to meet his family members even once. He also returned the letter to the lawyer sent by his father. A lawyer has questioned Sushant on behalf of the Legal Aid Service. The lawyer tried his best but was not granted bail.

In the beginning, Sushant used to lie quietly in a corner of his cell. He would forget everything about eating, drinking and sleeping. Prison sources said that dementia was also seen in him. However, the picture has changed a lot now, said a prison guard. In the words of the prison guard, who did not want to be named, “Sushant is talking a little bit now. Gossiping with the rest of the prisoners. Many people want to know about Sutpa. He also answers. But many times he cries. Maybe I remember the old saying! Maybe he understands now what happened to the head of anger. We are also scared when we see him crying. Don’t do anything bad! ”

Why such a sudden change in prison Sushant? Ranjan Bhattacharya, head of the psychiatry department at Murshidabad Medical College, said: If that desire for revenge is less and less, then regret will take over that place. And at that time the tendency to commit suicide is increasing in a terrible way. That’s why we need extra caution now. “

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