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MTV Roadies Revolution Winner Name Hamid Barkzi Grand Finale Who will win? Runner-up

Roadies Revolution Winner Name Hamid Barkzi

After a year of passion, hard grit and excitement, Delhi boy Hamid Barkzi was crowned winning the season 17 India’s longest-running adventure reality series, OPPO MTV Roadies Revolution Winner . Hamid is a member of the celebrity leader Nikhil Chinapa’s team . Brought the prize in the Jan 16’s Grand Final which saw him beat his team Nikhil along with the . Team of Team Varun’s Michael and Jayant as well as Team Varun’s Michael and Jayant.

The first episode of the season premiered on February 15, 2020 . And celebrate Rodney’s passion for life and his dedication to achieving social change within the society. The show brought viewers to breathtaking scenery in Ish Shikesh Rupnagar . As well as Grail Village prior to the lockdown that was declare in March.

Hamid was a participant in an amazing journey that start as a weakling and end as the champion from the 2017 season. He was awe-inspiring to everyone by his abilities while completing tasks and playing fair games throughout the entire journey. Hamid Nikhil, part of the team’s loyalty model held his ground in the team and didn’t put up obstacles for his beloved during the show. At first, he was view to be a weakness Hamid point out the weaknesses to the game’s dynamics and declare a lockdown once the shooting resume without looking at his opponent.

Hamid was victorious in the final round that was the most grueling test of courage and strength.

The contestants who were in the past cheerer for the winner and increase the enthusiasm. Following the win, Hamid said, “It was one of the most memorable experiences in my entire life. As the least talent person I could ever imagine to to do my best until I was award the prize I stuck to my game my team, myself and the team throughout this journey, and that was a huge factor at the final.

This Roadies Revolution has been instrumental in changing my perspective on the most pressing questions. I’ve had my fair number of downs and ups but it was a way for me to be more determine to climb the ladder and win. I can’t be grateful to Nikhil Sir enough for winning this match. He’s been a fighter with his teammates, every one of us staying with him each step. I’m so grateful to have the chance to be a part of their team and get to the end.

The trip could not have been made without the help of our amazing coach Ran Vijay Sir, as well as other great leaders Neha Mother, Prince and Varun Sir. A big thank you for the MTV team for giving us the opportunity to speak our minds.

This is only the beginning. I am looking for numerous more victories and challenges.

The winning captain Nikhil Chinampa also expresses his excitement, “It’s a pleasant victory. First time ever in history, it’s at the end of the road between teams like Prince, Neha and Varun this is a huge victory to me personally, Hamid and the team’s commitment model. I’m fortunate. This Roadies Revolution is challenging but rewarding and I could not be happier to be part of the team on this journey. The match was extremely challenging, and everyone perform to their best. Hamid is a superb player, and is now one of the most formidable contestants. Hamid owes his strength to his success and will continue to stand by his cause to support his teammates Michael, Arushi, Kevin, Prakhar and Taran. It was a well-deserve victory, and I am happy for him to be so committee to Michael and the team.

The time is now to celebrate and prepare for the next exciting adventure. “

The show was host by famous leaders Neha Dhupia Nikhil Chinapa Varun Sood as well as Prince Narula’s hosts Ranvijay Singha the Roadies Revolution touch on many social issues throughout its journey and urge participants to get back into the community and work towards improving it. The filming stop mid-March due to a lockdown on March 1, Rhodes Farm start its journey online by holding the first ever digital auditions in Rhodes history. They also brought the entertainment up to a new level. After filming was resume at Mumbai on September 10th The Roadies were back on the scene and entertainer the viewers through many turns to the final moment of the adventure.

Hamid Barkzi wins the title of MTV Roadies Revolution

Join us at The MTV Roadies Revolution Grand Premier Stage on Saturday, and you’ll finally get to know who the winner of MTV Roadies Revolution but before the show airs, a lot of people are interest in the outcome from this year’s MTV Roadies Revolution winner, therefore, let’s start as we know MTV Roadies Revolution winner 2021. MTV Roadies Revolution winner 2021 and MTV Roadies Unhappy with the Revolution issue of January 16, 2021 and Ran Vijay’s latest twists, check out this article and be sure that we have your details through the very end.

The Rollercoaster Journey of Roadies contest has end, but this weekend, we saw an abundance of overlap between the contestants. They also had to face Covid-19 and all because of the lockdown that was in place in India. The competitors have put in a lot of effort in physics . And some contestants receive beta-feedback from their friends and only a handful of contestants shining with their best performances.

MTV Roadies Revolution Winner Name Hamid Barkzi Grand Finale Who will take home the crown? Runner-up

Roadies Revolution Winner Name The final game for Roadies Revolution’s final match Roadies Revolution will be held on Saturday night at 7:15 at night on MTV. As we know, Ran Vijay Singh, who is the most well-known presenter of the program. Prince Narula, Neha Dhupia Raftar along with Nikhil Chinapa form the mainstays of the group. The show will return later in the season. Varun Sood will appear on the Kovid-19 examination to replace Rafter. Rafter cause. Also, there’s news that Rafter is currently working on his forthcoming album, therefore he’s been stepping away from this show for few weeks.

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Each year, many contestants participate in the show and try their best to be part of the show and have a chance to showcase their talents. Varun Sood was a former contestant on the show. has been a gang leader towards the end of the season.


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