Mother of stars and message of love

There is no such thing as a big adjective like the word ‘mother’. The mother’s contribution and love for her child cannot be expressed in words and sentences. That’s exactly what the children think. Therefore, on World Mother’s Day, the child’s respect and love for the mother is reflected in the social handle. The stars were not left out. Today (May 7) is Mother’s Day, the second Sunday in May. That is why the stars are sending greetings and love to the mother by sharing the pictures taken with the mother on the social handle from the first noon on Sunday.

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Shakib Khan, the poster boy of Dhaka movie is currently in USA. From there he wrote Mother’s Day greetings, ‘Mother, thank you for everything you have done for me so far. Love you so much Happy Mother’s Day to me and all the mothers in the world.

Popular Bengali actress Jaya Ahsan also shared a photo taken with her mother and her pets and wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day to all pets.”

Actress Bubli writes with a picture of her mother, ‘Mommy is my oxygen and my world. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers of the world. ‘ Vidya Sinha Mim writes, “Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.”

Meanwhile, singer Khoshnoor, mother of vocalist Ankhi Alamgir, received the medal as Ratnagarbha Maa today. Posting pictures of the medal recipient, Ankhi wrote, ‘Azad Products Award Ratnagarbha Maa, the best recipient of Mother’s Day today is for me, for my mother, as if it was an exchange of our love and respect. All the mothers of the world, be well. ‘

Vocalist-producer Dhruv Guha published a picture with his mother and wrote, ‘Respect for all mothers in the world.
Singer Putul writes, ‘Most of the days during regular checkups during pregnancy, mother-in-law goes with her mother. Mother and I went to the doctor that day. In the manner of a conversation between themselves, the doctor has taken me as his mother’s daughter, and the mother I am talking about at home is my mother-in-law. In the end, after discovering the real truth, the doctor’s astonishing expression was telling that there is a big difference in the language and equation of our relationship than the traditional mother-in-law relationship of the society. In the life after marriage, my mother is the greatest teacher of my life. The more I see my mother, the more I dream that one day I too will become wise like her. ‘

He further wrote, ‘Good luck to these two mothers of mine. Life is full of blessings as long as the shadow of mother’s affection and love is on her head. ‘

Meanwhile, actor Chanchal Chowdhury published a picture of his mother and wrote, “We have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day every day. Not just on a special day. Parents stay in the care, love and respect of every child throughout the year. Be good to all parents near and far. Respect to all mothers, for giving children the opportunity to see the light of day.

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