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pigeon blood ruby

Rubies are always the most precious and most sought-after gemstone, which has captured the hearts of people across the globe. It is commonly known by the name of Manik in India. Ruby comes in various varieties, among which Pigeon Blood Ruby is something you must know about. It is one of the most amazing gemstones that give you the sheer perfection that you have always desired. It is a perfect blood red color stone, and it feels like they are the first two drops of blood from the nose of a pigeon. Isn’t there something very unique about Ruby stone? If you want to learn more about this, read this complete blog, and buy this fantastic gemstone. 

What is pigeon blood ruby stone?

The Pigeon blood Ruby stone represents fire and warmth, signifying magnificence, sensuality, and influence. The stone comes from Burma and is one of the finest gemstones. The central point of a pigeon’s eye color rubies is also found there. Therefore, the stones have their own identity and purpose. Blood red color is the color of love and passion, which helps enhance the relationship between a couple. In addition, it is one of the most costliest gemstones due to its rarity, color, appearance and healing energies. Now let us learn about the healing benefits of this gemstone. 

Advantages of Pigeon Blood ruby

The natural Ruby gemstone represents a powerful solar planet according to Vedic science. Pigeon blood Ruby undergoes the best coloration and gains tremendous impact on this planet. Wearing this stone in the form of a ring will help you grow in your career, as it will make you more focused towards your goal, improving your financial condition and social status. Pigeon blood ruby has an association with Atma-karaka- the sun, which enlightens the life of the wearer. In addition, it helps a person to recover from all kinds of illnesses and medical issues. The stone boosts the immune system, allowing one to stay healthy and fit. Also, it has the power to resolve troubled marriages, creating mutual understanding between them.    

What should you do before buying the stone?

The excellent real Ruby gemstone has the best grade and shade, but there are a few things which you need to remember while making your purchase.

  • The origin of this gemstone is usually Burma, but now with time, these gems are even mined in Madagascar, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Tajikistan and Mozambique. 
  • They have a shiny pure crimson hue with no other color shade. Moreover, these Burmese Rubies have their strong fluorescence.  
  • The best variety of Rubies has no inclusion, which is visible to the naked eye. However, that inclusion can be seen through the magnifying glass, as it is not possible to have no inclusions over the stone. Therefore, the fewer traces, the more the price it has.  
  • The faceted blood ruby that appears brighter with more lustrous is well worth it. The slicing system causes a decrease in the weight of the stone, which is compensated by the stone’s appearance. 
  • These stones are found in different shapes and sizes. Majorly they are found in pearls, hearts, ovals, round and many more. When these stone pieces are imbibed into jewelry metal like gold or platinum, they form beautiful jewelry, which enhances the look of the person. 

How to buy this gemstone?

There are many sellers in the market who are selling this gemstone, but I suggest you check out the website, Navratan, the online gem Bazar. It is one of the best sellers, selling the gemstone for more than 80 years. Their goodwill has been established for providing A++ quality gemstones. Moreover, they provide the certificate of authentication with the gemstone. You will always be sure about the stone you have bought, as third-party government laboratories like SSEF, GRS, GIA, and Gubelin have verified this certificate. Have a great time shopping, and don’t forget to write your valuable review after your purchase.


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