More than 500 Ukrainians killed last night, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed

The Russian Defense Ministry has claimed that more than 5 Ukrainians were killed in the Russian attacks at various important places, including Ukraine’s military bases last night.

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The British media reported the BBC online live update on the Russian military operation in Ukraine on Thursday.

In a post on the telegram, the Russian Defense Ministry said Russia had attacked a cannon cannon at several Ukrainian military bases and military equipment depots last night. These include a aviation equipment at the Kanatovo Air Base in the Central Kirovoharad region and a ammunition depot in the southern city of Micolive.

Russia launched a military attack in Ukraine on February 27 this year. Russia has called the attack a special military operation. Russian troops tried to take control of Kiev for about a month before the expedition. But they are facing strong resistance to Ukrainian troops. Russia later announced that they would pay attention to the eastern Ukraine donors. Since then, Russian troops have strengthened military activities in Danbas.

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