More than 500 Bangladeshis detained off Libya coast

Libyan police have arrested more than 500 people trying to cross the Mediterranean from Libya to Europe illegally. It is learned that 240 Bangladeshis have been contacted among them.

They were detained on Saturday (April 23rd) in the eastern coastal district of Misrata. They were later transferred to a detention center in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

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The news was first reported in the Libyan media. Later, Bangladesh Ambassador to Libya Major General SM Shamim Uz Zaman confirmed the matter to the media.

SM Shamim Uz Zaman said illegal immigrants, including Bangladeshis, were preparing to sail for Europe by boat from Misrata beach in Libya. At that time, the security personnel of Tripoli detained them. A total of 541 people were detained in Libya, according to Libyan police. Most of them are believed to be Bangladeshis. However, the embassy contacted on Sunday and confirmed that 240 of them were Bangladeshis. After contacting others, it will be known how many Bangladeshis are there.

Meanwhile, nine people were killed in a boat sinking off the Libyan coast on Monday (April 25th). They could not be initially confirmed as citizens of any country.

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