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Modrego Home Interiors Offers Spanish-Speaking Interior Designers

If you’re interested in Spanish-speaking interior designers, Modrego home Interiors is an excellent choice. If you’re planning to build a new home or want to renovate an existing one, you can schedule a pre-construction consultation with them. Their Spanish-speaking designers can provide pre-construction advice as well as post-sales consultations. Read on for more information. To learn more about the interior design services offered by Modrego home Interiors, continue reading this article!

Sandra Modrego

If you’re looking for a custom design, you’ll find it with Sandra Modrego Interiors. Based in Barcelona, this artist focuses on the representation of the body in society. She supports the principles of respect, authenticity, and freedom of expression. She portrays natural bodies, expressing their emotions through colour. Modrego aims to create pieces that inspire people to appreciate all kinds of bodies. Her work, Le Corps, is a liberating exploration of the body. By freeing it from social conventions, it is a pure subject of beauty.

A common place to place a door is the back of the home, but Sandra Modrego turned it into a dramatic focal point with her signature figure. The crown molding in the sitting room is painted with colorful accents to add visual interest to the neutral white walls. Throughout the home, there are several other examples of Sandra Modrego’s work. She has even published an illustrated book of her own paintings. The work is truly inspiring.

Juan Moreno Lopez-Calull

This open floor plan was created for Juan Moreno Lopez-Calull, the owner of John Brown Projects, a Barcelona-based art consultancy and interior design company. When he first moved to the city, he had a vision of an apartment that would be a canvas for artists and a showcase for his design team. He wanted the apartment to tell a story, and he did, with an interior that is both clean and spacious. Featuring beautiful light, contemporary lines, and a view of the city, this modern apartment has been designed for the contemporary lifestyle of its owner.

His eclectic taste was reflected in the kitchen, which has clean lines and seamless design. The oversized dining table is a meeting and presentation space. The kitchen features an eclectic range of chairs, stools, and tables, which include a 1950s FDB Mobler chair. The overall effect is one of luxury and sophistication. The oversized dining table also serves a dual purpose, serving as both a place to gather and an area to host dinner parties.

Kathryn Ireland

A star of TV shows like “Million Dollar Decorators” and “The Perfect Room,” Kathryn M. Ireland has earned the status of an interior designer, thanks to her celebrity clients and unmistakable aesthetic. Ireland has been featured in publications like People, Wall Street Journal and Architectural Digest and is a top-rated designer on Elle Decor’s “A List.” Her design aesthetic is both modern and traditional, and she is well-known for her commitment to bespoke custom interior design.

Although renowned for her work, the designer is also an author and a television personality. She has designed interiors for Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, the Princess Caroline of Monaco, and Francois Pinault. After starting her career as an actress and fashion designer, Ireland went on to become an interior and fabric designer. Her clients include David Mamet, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Steve Martin, among others. Kathryn is featured regularly on television shows like Million Dollar Decorators and The Oprah Show.

John Brown Projects

The spirit of Barcelona permeates the Modrego home interiors design of John Brown Projects. Combining interior design and art into one, the Barcelona-based firm creates truly one-of-a-kind spaces. Their logo celebrates the power of creative combinations by fusing the classic with the ultra-modern. This unique mix of classic and modern creates a home that feels timeless and modern, yet still manages to feel comfortable and relaxed.

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