Modi on his first visit to Jammu and Kashmir after the repeal of Article 370

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that democracy in Jammu and Kashmir has been strengthened after the repeal of Article 370. “Investment is coming, young people will have jobs,” he said. I will not let Kashmiri youth suffer anymore.

Modi made the remarks during his first visit to Jammu and Kashmir, India, after the repeal of Article 370. He was addressing a public meeting at Samba in Jammu on National Panchayati Raj Day on Sunday.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Jammu and Kashmir is a symbol for the whole country today. Addressing the youth of Jammu and Kashmir, he said, “Let the youth of the valley trust me.” I will not allow your life to be like the problems that your forefathers had to go through.

Modi said Jammu and Kashmir had invested only Tk 16,000 crore in the last decade after independence. In just two years after the abolition of Section 370, an investment of Tk 36,000 crore has been made.

Modi said the development of Jammu and Kashmir is growing rapidly. Writing new stories of development of Jammu and Kashmir. The youth of Jammu and Kashmir will get all kinds of job opportunities.

In a message that the dream of Babasaheb Ambedkar, the framer of the Indian Constitution, has been fulfilled, Modi said that with the abolition of 360 separate constitutions of Kashmir, 200 new provisions of the Indian Constitution have been re-imposed in Jammu and Kashmir. Narendra Modi said that women and poor people will benefit the most from this law.

Modi said that for eight years, continuous work has been done to implement the mantra of ‘One India, Best India’. For which the valley panchayats will get a direct budget of Tk 22,000 crore.

Promising “education for all, health for all”, Modi said the government’s first goal was to bridge the gap with the people of the valley. On this day, he inaugurated a 500 KW solar power plant. He also inaugurated the 150-megawatt Rattle Hydroelectric Project and the 540-megawatt Quarry Hydropower Project on the Chenab River and laid the foundation stone of the Delhi-Katra-Expressway.

He also mentioned plans to build a road from Kanyakumarika to Vaishnav Devi to improve communication with Kashmir across India. Modi said, “I am not new to Jammu and Kashmir. I will work for development here.” Then the country will move forward.

Meanwhile, the whole of Jammu and Kashmir was cordoned off around Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit. Even then the heat spread to the valley. The militants attacked the CISF barracks a day before the PM’s visit. One soldier was killed in the attack.

On the other hand, unidentified persons detonated an explosion 12 km away from the meeting place on Sunday morning. However, no casualties were reported.

Nearly three years after the repeal of Article 370, next year’s Lok Sabha elections in seemingly peaceful Kashmir. Earlier, the central government of India had taken steps to streamline the process of delimitation of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

According to sources, the delimitation process has been completed. However, local parties in Kashmir are not cooperating with the government at all. Former Kashmir Chief Minister and PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti has made it clear that she will not co-operate with the government in this regard.

According to BJP sources, once the delimitation process is completed, Kashmir will soon be given the status of a separate state. If it is not completed by 2024, then the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh will participate in the Lok Sabha polls for the first time as residents of the Union Territory.

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