Millill Phensidyl in the carton that came to book the courier service

Sadar police have seized 149 bottles of Phensidyl and Indian cosmetics from a carton that came to book a courier service office in Kurigram municipal town. Police seized the goods from the office of the courier service, Saudagar Express Limited, located at the corner of the college on Saturday (April 18) evening.

Rabiul Islam, manager of Saudagar Courier Service’s Kurigram office, said that after Saturday evening, an unidentified person took a cartoon wrapped in a white polybag and wanted to book it. When he wanted to see what was inside the carton, the man ‘disappeared’ while talking on the phone. After waiting for some time, they opened the carton and found the cosmetics including Phensidyl inside. They informed the local police including the head office. The police then confiscated the goods. He also said that he could not recognize the person who had brought the carton.

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According to police, the seized goods included 149 bottles of Phensidyl, more than three hundred empty packages, six pieces of Indian skin cosmetics and three packs of Godrej Baby soap. However, the cosmetics were mainly spread on a bottle of Phensidyl to confuse them.

Additional Superintendent of Police (Sadar Circle) Ziaur Rahman said it was not possible to immediately identify the person involved. In this case, an unidentified person will be charged under the Narcotics Control Act.

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