Milan won even after falling behind, Inter’s hopes are dwindling

In the Italian Serie A, there is a fierce battle for the title, just like in the English Premier League. Two city rivals AC Milan and Inter are in the running to become champions. Milan are well on their way to the title after snatching the victory from Verona on Sunday night.

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Milan scored a goal from the beginning in Verona’s Marcantonio Bentegodi. From there, they turned around and returned home with a 3-1 victory. After this victory, Milan has accumulated 60 points in 36 matches. Inter collected 6 points in two equal matches.

Both teams have two matches left in the league. Even if Inter win their last two matches, the maximum will be 64 points. On the other hand, Milan has a chance to go up to 6 points. In other words, if they win the last two matches, Milan will be the champion without any other equation.

After ten long seasons, Milan has got 60 points in one Serie A match. In the 2011-12 season, they got 60 points after playing 36 matches. This time they reached this milestone in 36 matches. Stefano Pioli’s side also fell behind for the fourth time this season.

In Sunday night’s match, Verona took the lead in the 37th minute through a goal by David Faraoni. However, before the break, Milan midfielder Sandro Tonali equalized in the third minute of extra time in the first half.

Later in the second half, Tonali gave Milan the lead in the 49th minute. Sunday was Tonali’s birthday. He became the first player in the club’s history to score a pair of goals on his birthday. Alessandro Florenzi scored the third and final goal in the 7th minute of the last match.

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