Mia Khalifa: Tears in Mia Khalifa’s eyes! What happened when Harry Potter boarded the train?

Big fan of former porn star Harry Potter. In December, Mia Khalifa and her partner traveled to Universal Studios in Florida to see a Harry Potter photo set. But as soon as he sat down at the Hogwarts Express, he began to weep profusely. On the other hand, his male partner also vomited in Professor Snape’s costume! Do you know why such a thing happened?
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Mia and her companion Cortez ate magic mushrooms before boarding the train! Their fame is due to the influence of ‘Chocolate Mushroom’. Sitting on the train, Mia sees a little girl sitting with her family. He has cut marks on his forehead like Harry Potter. Seeing him, Mia remembers her own childhood. Then he realizes how happy he is now in life. His partner never saw a picture of Harry Potter. He is sitting on the train holding Harry’s magic wand to keep Mia’s mind. That makes Mia think how happy she is. He cried emotionally.

What is ‘magic mushroom’?
Magic mushroom is a kind of psychedelic drug. It contains some ingredients like silosibin. Many studies have shown that taking it in moderation can be good for mental health. LSD, MDMA or many such drugs are therefore used in some cases to treat depression or anxiety. A study from Johns Hopkins University tested the effects of magical mushrooms on 12 people. It is seen that after one week, even after one month, the positive effects of this drug remain in the brain.

Needless to say, such drugs should never be taken without the advice of a physician. Uncontrolled consumption can cause various harms to the body, the effects of which can be long lasting.

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