Messi is the new tourism ambassador of Saudi Arabia

Lionel Messi has never in his life been an ambassador for lesser companies or products. This time another name was added to the list. Saudi Arabia has announced him as its new ambassador to the tourism industry.

Following the announcement, the PSG star arrived in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday morning. He was accepted there according to the local culture. Messi will visit the top tourist destinations with the Saudi tourism authorities.

On the occasion of his arrival in Saudi Arabia, the country’s Tourism Minister Ahmed Al Khatib wrote on Twitter, “I am delighted to welcome Messi to Saudi Arabia. You will see the Red Sea, the Jeddah season and our ancient history, which is why we are so excited. This is not his first visit to Saudi Arabia, nor will it be his last.

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Messi has already posted a picture with his friends on social media. His friend and PSG teammate Leandro Paredes is with him in that film. It shows Messi watching the sunset in a pleasure boat. In his caption, Messi wrote, “Discovering the Red Sea.” He also added the text “Visit Saudi” to the hashtag.

Messi’s fans in Saudi Arabia are overjoyed at the news of his appointment as tourism ambassador. One such Messi fan of Saudi national team striker Sami Al Jaber. He tweeted, “Messi has such an influence in the world, making him the ambassador of Saudi tourism is a very interesting step. There is no doubt that this will make Jeddah’s position as a tourist destination more positive.

There are several events going on in Jeddah season. According to Saudi media, Messi will also attend some of the art, literature, culture and entertainment fairs during his current tour

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