Mehzabin wishes different on Adnan’s birthday

Popular TV actress Mehzabin Chowdhury. Rumors of her love and marriage with producer Adnan Al Rajib have been circulating for a long time. Although they never admitted to a direct relationship. But sometimes their love can be understood in their various gestures.

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Today is May 11, Adnan Al Rajib’s birthday. Will Mehu remain silent on this special day? That can’t be. Just greeted the boyfriend. Adnan shared a picture on his Facebook account.

Where seen, Adnan is standing on the beach. He is wearing a dark green shirt and sunglasses. There is a starfish on the shoulder. The crimson sun on the way back. Although Adnan’s face is not fully visible in the picture. However, no one is having any difficulty in understanding that the man in the picture is Adnan.

In the caption of the photo, Mehzabin writes, ‘Happy Birthday Adnan. Be more enlightened. The sun, the sea, the stars and you. ‘

Many others in Mehjabin’s post wished Adnan Al Rajib a happy birthday. Some have even called him ‘Dulabhai’.

Earlier, April 19 was Mehzabin’s birthday. Adnan greeted him specially that day. He wrote on Facebook with a picture taken with Mehur, ‘Happy birthday to the man with a nice heart. You have been my strength and courage for all these years. “You are my shining star.”

Note that the rumor of love between Mehzabin and Adnan has been around for a long time. They have been seen together at different times. It is known that they also went abroad together. A few months ago, Adnan posted a picture on Facebook about the relationship between the two. However, they never said anything directly about the relationship.

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