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Steps to Qualify For Medical Marijuana Card in Mississippi

More than 70 percent of voters say yes to the legalization of medical marijuana in Mississippi. Consequently, the state has initiated legalizing cannabis consumption for medical purposes. Therefore, if you are suffering from medical illness, being a resident of Mississippi, you can apply for an MS MMJ card. However, the process of attaining the card is not straightforward. You need to fulfill some conditions to be qualified for the same. Also, you must know various steps that need to be completed to attain the MS marijuana card. Seeking advice from a medical marijuanas doctor near me can make the process easier for you.

Steps for Apply the Medical Marijuana Card

1. Get qualified for MS marijuana

Before you start from scratch to attain your medical cannabis card, you must be a qualified applicant. The Mississippi department of health has laid down some conditions for qualification requirements.

  • It would help if you visited a registered cannabis-friendly physician in Mississippi.
  • You must prove that you are suffering from an illness qualified by MSDH for cannabis.
  • You must be able to apply within 60 days of getting your written physician’s certification
  • You can consider experts’ assistance if you need clarification about the above conditions. It would make the process for Mississippi medical marijuanas card application.

2. Know the qualified illnesses

Once you have a proper understanding of the procedure, next, you need to seek qualified illnesses. MSDH lists 22 qualifying conditions to apply for an MS MMJ card. Some of those are:

  • Dementia
  • Glaucoma
  • Autism
  • Chronic pain
  • Aids/HIV
  • Cachexia, etc.

Therefore, you must have been diagnosed previously with one of them to be qualified for MS cannabis. You cannot be a beneficiary of medical marijuana if you do not meet this specific requirement.

3. Apply for MS cannabis card

The Mississippi Department of health would require you to have a physician’s confirmation for application. You would have to visit a certified physician for evaluation of your health. You will be provided certification if the physician finds you suitable for cannabis use. You will be registered as an authorized cannabis patient by a medical marijuanas doctor near me. Once you have been added to the program, you can enroll for further process to get your card.

4. Submit your application

Once you have received certification from the doctor, you can submit your application to MSDH. To do so, you must prove your residency in Mississippi and valid ID proofs. Also, you must submit a fee of 25 dollars for the medical marijuana card. After presenting the fee, your application will be successfully submitted to MSDH for review. If the authorities find it suitable to allow you to use medical cannabis, your request will be approved. In 30 days, you can get the MS MMJ card via mail.

5. Visit the dispensary

The number of active MS medical marijuana dispensaries has reached 107 since August 22. Therefore, finding the nearest medical cannabis dispensary is not challenging. Once your Mississippi medical marijuanas card application has been approved, you can visit one. However, you must visit one with your card to access the marijuana. It allows you to look for a variety of cannabis products, such as:

  • Cannabis extracts
  • Dried flowers
  • Tinctures
  • Topicals
  • Ointments
  • Drinks and edibles.

You can choose or ask your doctor about the most suitable cannabis products to use. Also, there are expert marijuana consultants to get advice on the dose and choice of cannabis products.
Remember, you cannot use medical cannabis in public places in Mississippi as it is illegal. Also, you must not operate a vehicle or any machine under the influence of cannabis. So, it is advised to consume weed for medical purposes inside your home. In Mississippi, you can also cultivate marijuana by attaining a license. You have to pay an additional fee for marijuana cultivation.

To sum up

Using cannabis can elevate your health and can manage symptoms. Therefore, you can seek a variety of benefits from using cannabis. You can consider visiting a medical marijuanas doctor near me in Mississippi to apply for a cannabis card. Attaining your card will make you a legally authorized patient for marijuana consumption. So, visit now to your medical marijuana doctor and begin the application process. Follow step-by-step procedures or seek expert advice to make it smooth.

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