Mbabane suddenly met in Madrid, the speculation peaked

There is a heated debate between Killian Mbabane and the Spanish club over whether or not to come to Real Madrid. Mbabane was suddenly spotted in the Spanish capital, Madrid, when the buzz was high in the air. Along with the former Real Madrid footballer, Ashraf Hakimi and his brother Nabil are currently in the PSG.

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The sudden arrival of Mbabane in Madrid has added to the buzz. Then the PSG star arrived in Madrid to have a final round with Real!

Mbabane was spotted at a restaurant in Madrid with Ashraf Hakimi and Nabil. There is no doubt that the rumors of his joining Real Madrid in Madrid have given a new lease of life.

MBAP’s contract with PSG is going to expire this year. The French striker is set to sign a contract with the Parisian club this May and next June. After that he is going to be free. In the language of football, it is called free agent. There will be no obstacle in front of MBAP and no transfer fee to join Real.

Mbabane himself posted a picture of himself in Madrid with Ashraf Hakimi and Nabil on his Instagram page. However, not only Mbabane, but also PSG owner Nasser Al Khelaifi was seen in Madrid on the same day.

However, he arrived in the Spanish capital to attend a meeting of the European Club Association. However, he will not be meeting with anyone in Madrid.

Meanwhile, Zinedine Zidane has retired after leaving Real Madrid. PSG wants to get him. Although Zidane wants to take charge of France after the World Cup. For this, the current coach Didier Desam has to step aside first. Noel lo Graet, president of the French Football Federation, said: “Zidane may take the job at PSG. In the eyes of the French, he could be Didier’s successor. ‘

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