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In the city of Sweden’s Orebro, several people, including 10 policemen, were seriously injured in the clashes of police and crowds with ‘Tight Course’ in Denmark’s extremist course on Friday. Extremists even set fire to three police cars.  

This causes huge loss of property. The infamous extremist political leader of Denmark, Rasmas, surrounded by Rasmas Paludan rally, police and ordinary people in different cities of Sweden were extreme tensions against extremists.

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Incidentally, Rasmussen is a front-line leader of a Danish extremist group called the Tight Course. In Sweden, his followers recently received permission from police authorities to hold anti-Islamic rallies and processions in several major cities.

As a result, riots broke out during extremist rallies in various cities in Sweden, causing many people to be injured and property to be damaged. On the same day, riots erupted in Stockholm’s Rinkby Center over extremists and caused extensive damage to property.


During the violence in the town of Orebro, extremists hijacked a police car and injured several pedestrians as it drove recklessly through the city. At least 10 police officers have been seriously injured in a riot against right-wing extremists.  

Four police vehicles were completely gutted by the rioters. During the riots, Swedish Interior Minister Morgan Johansson called on all parties to remain calm, but the rioters did not heed.  

Police fired several shots to control the situation. About three hours later, the rioters left the scene. In addition to the piles of stones dumped at the rally site, police seized guns used for throwing carbon dioxide and several guns used in shooting competitions.  

Police said yesterday’s incidents were being recorded as “violent riots” against civilians.

Similar riots were reported in Stockholm’s Rinkby and the other two major Swedish cities, Norshaping and Linshaping, on the eve of the riots in Orebro.


In addition to the extensive damage caused by the riots, several people were reportedly injured. Police and rescue workers were attacked by masked extremists during the riots, law enforcement said.  

The terrorists also set fire to several privately owned vehicles and destroyed about a dozen police vehicles. Apart from three police officers, two pedestrians were injured in the riots.

The Prime Minister of Sweden, Magdalena Anderson, has strongly condemned the violence in Orebro. It is an integral part of our democracy. However, violence should never be used in expressing one’s opinion. We will never accept this. ‘

Sweden’s police chief, Anders Thornberg, said: “What has happened in Rinkby, Orebro, Linshing and Norshopping is absolutely reprehensible and will never be accepted. We live in a democratic society and one of the most important tasks of the police is to ensure the freedom of expression of the people and to give constitutional protection to the people. ‘

The Leader of the Opposition in the Swedish Parliament has strongly criticized the police for failing to do so.

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