Man City overtook Liverpool with a goal celebration

The night before, Tottenham Hotspur drew with Liverpool. Manchester City made no mistake about it. Citizens would only have won if they had won the English Premier League title by a clear 3 points.

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On Sunday night, Pep Guardiola’s disciples went on a mission to play Newcastle United. They left the field with a 5-0 victory in one attack after another. As a result, Man City is 3 points ahead of Liverpool at the end of 35 league matches.

Manchester City have completely dominated their home ground at the Etihad Stadium. They scored in the first half. We had to wait only 19 minutes to get the lead. Rahim Sterling got the ball in the head of Huao Cancello and wrapped the ball in the net with another head.

Before going to the break, the hosts celebrated the goal once again. In the 36th minute of the match, Newcastle got an easy opportunity to forget the goalkeeper and found the address of the net from very close to American Laporte. Sometimes a goal from Newcastle was canceled offside.

Back in the second half, Rodri scored in the 61st minute of the match. At the very end of the scheduled 90 minutes, Phil Foden filled the gap. And in the third minute of extra time, Sterling hit the last nail in the coffin of Newcastle.

After this victory, the current champions of the Premier League Manchester City is at the top with 6 points in 35 matches. Liverpool is at number two with equal 63 points. Man City will be the champion again if they get 6 points in the remaining three matches.

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