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M3M Capital Sector 113 is a residential complex in Gurgaon. It offers 2.5, 3.5, and 4.5 BHK High-end apartments. This project comes with 9% Rentals and 50:50 payment options. The amenities and floor plans of this project are expansive and posh. The development entails earthquake-resistant assembly, ample car parking space, weatherproof shades, and a sparkling lifestyle.

High-rise apartments

M3M Capital is an upcoming luxury residential project in Delhi located near the Dwarka Expressway. The M3M Capital Luxury Project in this project has 2.5 and 3.5 BHK floor plans and features in-unit amenities. This project is situated at a distance of 0 km from the Delhi-NCR border. M3M Capital is set in a sprawling ecosystem of three hundred and fifty acres and features a mix of commercial, residential, and luxury retail.

This residential project is a perfect choice for anyone seeking a lavish lifestyle. With a variety of amenities and an ideal location, M3M Capital offers a luxurious lifestyle that is sure to please any buyer. Large balconies and windows allow plenty of natural light and a prosperous gaze at the city skyline. These apartments are excellent for investment and speculative purposes. The M3M Capital Sector 113 Gurgaon floor plan high-rise apartments.

M3M Capital Gurgaon

Amusement park

M3M Capital is a luxury residential complex located in Gurugram, India. Its possession date is December 2026, which the developer has guaranteed. Moreover, it has many benefits to offer to its clients, including world-class conveniences, luxurious living, and excellent profitability in the future. In addition to the luxurious living, it is also a green residential complex with sprawling parks and an aerobics section. In addition, the price range for this residential project is attractive, ranging from 1.50 crores for a 2 BHK to 3.12 crores for a four-bedroom unit.

M3M Capital Sector 113 offers two, three, and four-bedroom apartments. These luxury apartments are equipped with podium-level amenities and feature generous living spaces. These apartments are sure to attract potential investors because they are surrounded by greenery and have views of the city skyline. With these benefits, they are an excellent investment for buyers and sellers alike. Listed below is a floor plan of the M3M Capital Sector 113 project.

Metro station

Metro stations are windows to the city’s Metro service. They are also expressions of local flavor and culture. Metro stations are built to meet functional aesthetics, energy efficiency, and environmental compatibility standards. Besides, they provide different passenger facilities. A Metro station floor plan will indicate what areas will be public and which will not. It will also indicate state-of-the-art escalators and other facilities. Here are some common design elements found in Metro stations.

There are three primary styles of aboveground Metro stations: gambrel-style, gull-wing, and peaked. Gull-wing canopy types are visually appealing, while gambrel canopy types evoke the vaults below the city. These architectural styles were introduced in the mid to late 1970s. However, not all Metro stations have gambrel-styled canopy roofs. There are many differences between the three types of Metro stations.

Connectivity to Delhi

Located in Sector 113 of Gurgaon, the M3M Capital Dwarka Expressway offers a great lifestyle for those who are looking to live near the capital city. This project is affiliated with Dwarka Expressway, which provides an extensive network of roads from all parts of the city. Its floor plan is selective and its office space is cutting-edge. The M3M Capital offers close connectivity to Delhi and a significant business district.

The M3M Capital township is part of a 300-acre eco-system that includes luxurious retail, commercial, and residential spaces. There are also two clubhouses within the M3M Capital complex, which span over 25, 000 square feet each. The township features well-designed shopping malls and commercial facilities. The M3M Capital floor plan incorporates connectivity to all areas of the metro and the airport.

Sports facilities

If you love sports, you’ll love the high-end sports facilities at M3M Capital. This Gurgaon development features tennis and badminton courts, mini basketball courts, and a massive Golf Green Park. The development will be completed by 2024 and will be part of a large mixed-use community. It also has 185 acres of land for mixed-use development and 65 acres of townships.

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