Losing to Verona brings Milan closer to the title

On the way to winning the title, AC Milan had no choice but to win this match. But they fell behind after digesting the goal in the first half. However, Stefano Pioli’s team did not take time to return to the match. Milan equalized in the first half and scored two more goals in the second half.

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AC Milan returned from a 3-1 win over Verona in Serie A on Sunday night. Sandro Tonali scored a pair of goals and Alessandro Florenzi scored one. Verona was led by David Pharaoni.

In this victory, AC Milan remained at the top with 60 points in 36 matches. Inter Milan is in the second position with 6 points in the equal match. After winning the remaining two matches, AC Milan will win the league title once again after the 2010-11 season. However, if Milan’s foot slips, Inter Milan can use the opportunity to win the league. After the 2011-12 season, Milan scored 80 points with two matches left.

Milan fell behind in the 36th minute. Verona was led by David Pharaoni. But before going to the break, Milan returned to parity. Sandro Tonali scored the goal. Tonali put Milan ahead with a pair of goals four minutes into the break. Alessandro Florenzi’s goal in the 6th minute ensured a big victory for Milan.

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