Lock Upp: Payal may be a strong contender, but I will win: Munawar

Sometimes howling, sometimes cursing. One by one, the contestants have gathered the dark chapters of the past. Kangana Ranaut has confirmed the duration of her presence by leaking the secret word in ‘Lock Up’. And those who could not win the hearts of the spectators, left the game before getting the vote. In its space stories, chats, exchange of explosive information.

All in all, the first season of Kangana’s controversial reality show ended with a bang. After 72 days, the prison door opened. The volunteers were released. Who is the best prisoner?

The final fight was tense. However, the joke won on the stage to unleash the pain. Munawar Farooqi returned with 20 lakh rupees in cash and a new car after spending 72 days in prison. Got a royal farewell. Munawar is happy with that. Couldn’t think, will win in the end. But he also thought that who else would win! Payal Rohatgi? No, it can’t be!

So the moments before announcing the winner were very nervous, said Munawar. He said, “Anyway, Payal did not want to lose to Rohatgir. I couldn’t even think of him as a winner. But now I am very happy. I don’t understand what to say to all the viewers. ” At the same time, the comedian said, this is the fruit of his hard work and the blessing of the fans. Otherwise he could not have won.

Munawar, however, did not want to make Payal small. He claimed, “The winner should be the one who can go out and handle such responsibilities. I am not one to judge whether Payal is like that or not. But I think the pleasure I give to the society through entertainment is of a higher quality than the contribution of my co-competitor Payal. ”

How to use the prize money? Munawar said, “I thought in the fifth week of the game, if I win, I will buy a car. But when the entrepreneurs themselves gave me a car, I changed my plan. ” Laughing, the comedian said he would spend the prize money on some good deed.

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