l’ll give my life for World Cup, says Neymar

After securing his fourth Ligue 1 title with Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar is gearing up to put everything on the line as he looks forward to ending this year on a high by winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup, scheduled to take place later this year in Qatar.

“I’m preparing myself both physically and mentally so that everyone goes well, and we have a ‘Brazilian World Cup’ this time,” Neymar told Flamengo player Diego Ribas in a live discussion.

With two prior World Cup tournaments under his belt now, the Selecao star is determined to be third time lucky.

“I’ll give my life for it, I’ve played it two times now and I know how it works. If you’re not ready, the opportunity will go away, so I can’t let it escape me.”

With yet another failed campaign of PSG in Europe this season, the playmaker has come under fire at the club level this term and has often found himself to be a scapegoat, as deemed by the vocal sections of PSG’s fanbase.

The Brazilian has spoken on how he deals with the issue, as well as touching on the amplification of the problem produced by social media.

“Of course, nobody wants to be booed, even more if you’re playing at home,It’s sad. But I had to find strength somewhere. I remembered all people who helped me get to where I am now, and I try to play for them.

“I can’t let myself be affected by boos and let my family down. There are matches when you can play for the fans, when everything’s alright. Then there’s booing, and I hold myself to my family,” Neymar further said.

“Social media… I guess it hurts more than it helps. Because if you play well and go read about it there, it’s all good news and smiles. But when you don’t play well, it’s not good for your head. If there’s nobody to help you overcome these times, it’s pretty tough. Social media is a very dangerous thing nowadays.

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