Liverpool are at the top, increasing the pressure of the city

Liverpool are at the top, increasing the pressure of the city

Liverpool are in the running to win four possible titles. Allreds have already won the League Cup. Has reached the FA Cup final. However, the other two titles are ahead in name and weight. They are just one point behind Manchester City in the English Premier League. They beat Villarreal 2-0 in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final. The chances of Jurgen Klopp winning these two titles are clear today. The danger of losing one point, at a time when the Liverpool coach put some important players at home in Newcastle today.

Despite strong investment from the Saudi prince, Newcastle United have yet to form a team that can put Liverpool to the test. Liverpool went to the top of the league even though it was for three hours after winning 1-0 on the opponent’s field. Manchester City will take to the field at Leeds at night with extra pressure.

Everyone was shocked to see the match XI. Mohammed Salah is not under attack. Fabinio and Thiago are not in the middle. Trent Alexander-Arnold is not on defense. Liverpool is a little weak. Will be playing at Villarreal on Tuesday. For this reason, the thought of giving rest to some players was immediately felt. But they did not rest completely. Despite dominating the match for a long time, Liverpool could not increase the gap. That’s why Salah, Thiago, Fabinio — everyone had to get off the club. ..............................................................................................

Liverpool showed dominance from the beginning of the match in 19 minutes. After getting the ball from Milner, Jota and Nabi Keita got into the box by giving and taking the ball between themselves. Keita did not get a chance to pass others. Because, the two Liverpool players in front of him were offside. So he dribbled himself and took a shot by fooling the opposing goalkeeper. The two Newcastle defenders could not stop the creation of the human wall. Round with two.

After scoring a goal, the host team started attacking in a hurry – it cannot be said. On the contrary, Keita-Mane-Diaz and Jotara have prevailed. Attack speed and goal opportunities – Liverpool was ahead in everything. A couple of counter-attacks in Newcastle were feared, but in front of Allison Baker they were in vain. The hosts equalized in the 39th minute. But Almiron’s goal was canceled offside.

The style of play did not change in the second half either. Liverpool have attacked one after another. But as the gap was not increasing, there was a fear of losing points by scoring goals at any time. So in the 69th minute Salah was brought down to the field. Fabini also went down with him. Thiago was also sent off 12 minutes before the end of the game in the hope of controlling the game. Earlier, Newcastle had the ultimate opportunity to score a goal. But allison got it and Chris Wood hit the ball on him. However, if the goal was scored offside.

Salah got a chance to score twice, but did not see his 23rd league goal. Robertson relieved the coach by stopping a terrifying Newcastle attack with a great tackle in added time.

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